The Cells of a Modern Business

Two main things can measure your business’s innovation: your product and/or service, and the way you market your business. Really, these two go hand-in-hand. If you have invested in any type of modern technology to improve your business and the overall experience of your customers, you will want to spread the word as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible. This article will paint an appropriate context in order to demonstrate how the small business owner can accomplish this goal.

The Cells of a Modern Business

The setting

Let’s say you own an auto repair shop and you have been researching ways to cut down on labor costs and manpower. There are some amazing cost-saving instruments on the market that help keep costs down for businesses in the auto industry. For example, precision fatigue resistant load cells are ideal for operations that require great degrees of stiffness and resistance to excessive bending and side load forces. For tension and compression jobs the load cell is bolted down to a flat surface and is loaded centrally via the thru taped hole. These devices offer a wealth of time saving and cost cutting results in any auto repair shop that include:

·      Suspension force measurement
·      Shock force measurement
·      Gasket force monitoring
·      Spring loads
·      Brake sensing and force management
·      Head bold force and preload
·      Motor mounts

For example, let’s say you are stretching a car’s frame back into position after it has been damaged in a wreck. Traditionally, this single job can take hours of interrupted work to pause and check the tension, and it takes a number or workers to oversee the job. However, using load cells from are easy to order, and will prove to be an inexpensive investment that will save your operation a lot of time and manpower.

Your customers will love it

When utilizing load cell technology, or any other time-saving piece of modern equipment, be sure to let your clients know you have this technology, and that it is going to save them money on their bill by reducing labor hours. By demonstrating that you have invested in equipment to benefit your clients, they will have a reason to use your services again.

Marketing 101

Now that you have the goods to take your business to the next level, you must market your business as such. In an article published by ‘The Guardian’ on gaining more business the author says to utilize social media and to engage and respond to ALL feedback left, be it good or bad. For example, set up a business Facebook page and encourage your customer’s to “check in”. Go ahead and offer them 10% off their bill or a free tire rotation if they agree to do this. Then post photos of how load cell technology has kept costs down for customers, and freed up manpower to assist your clients who would otherwise be impatiently tapping their feet in the waiting room. When you respond to comments and feedback you will be controlling your brand and online reputation while providing people with accurate details and facts about your business.

Do your research

The cells of modern business feed from one another and split in different directions. By taking advantage of advancements in technology, and using social media to market your innovative business model, you will be keeping current clients in your pocket, while embracing new ones. Load cells save time, money and energy and they can be used in a number of industries. Do your research and discover how they can help improve your business.

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