Microsoft Comes Up With its Sensational Launch: The Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft had made the announcement last year at the CES, about its newest launch, that is a series of tablets, named as the Microsoft Surface Pro. After tormenting the gadget lovers for long, ultimately it did make big with its newest launch. The gadget had its first release in the Microsoft stores, at Los Angeles last day.

It came up with two versions, one comprises of Windows RT and the other comprises of Windows 8. The first one has an ARM CPU while the second one has the processor from Intel. Applications could be installed into the both with the aid of Windows Store. Although only the one with Windows 8 facilitates, a third party desktop program.

It is available in most stores in Beverly Hills, California, and is easy to access.


Display of the Tablet: It comprises of screen of 10.6 inches and has an aspect ratio of around 16:9. It has Microsoft’s own clear high definition type of technology. It has ultra video viewing angle technology along with auto screen adjusting technology. With its superb screen resolution one cannot be able to distinguish between its pixels, if held in such a way.

Touch Covers And Type Covers:

Microsoft pro comes up with two kinds of covers, one for the touch screen and the other for the keys. The surface of the tablet has a magnetic field which happens to attract the cover for it and thereby one can cover up the tablet. Both the covers act as a protective shield for the gadget and behave as a keyboard when are opened. The covers are made in such a manner that they are thick enough; inside them they are layered and are pressure resistant. The keyboard embedded in the cover comprises of a gyroscope and accelerator to determine position and direction and provides the same with great accuracy and precision. The Microsoft Surface also comes up with a multi-touch keyboard.

Respond to the newest gadget:

The Windows Surface pro has already launched, and it has been around twenty four hours since then. Experts and critics have already started making their comment on the much talked about gadget. Market analyst says that it has got a mixed response from the public. However experts belonging to the company are saying that their product is doing extremely well and they are predicting huge profits along with consumer satisfaction, which would help them, bring out better inventions in the near future. Some said that they loved every time opening it, and thoroughly are enjoying their experience with the Tab, while others say that, Windows would do well in the market is nothing new, it has already become a cliché. Many of the consumers have also made comments like it had been annoying dealing with the product as it came up with Windows 8 it was really difficult to manage the Tab. It has numerous function keys and cropped up terrible problems while using the same.

Though Microsoft has having a numerous selling units, only half of them had got a good response while the rest half has received a lot of complaints, since yesterday.

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