Tech Spotlight: Point of Sale Hottest Gadget for 2013

For those who simply appreciate advancements in technology and gadgetry without knowing exactly what makes them so great, you are not alone. What’s the hottest tech-gadget for 2013 going to be? Let’s take a look at some of my top choices.


iPad POS (Point of Sale) System: A great advancement for small business owners, restaurant owners and mobile businesses, the iPad POS System allows you to accept and process credit card payments, itemize and export customer e-mail address and receipts to a spreadsheet and analyze your business wherever you are with your iPad. The iPad POS system is a huge step in the process of streamlining the experience between the customer and the business. In an era where instant gratification is desired, this only helps by making the act of payment just that much more user friendly.


-Playstation Vita: Just as our professional lives are becoming increasingly portable, so are our gaming lives. The Playstation Vita currently serves as the most capable, technologically advanced and impressive piece of mobile gaming technology to date. Featuring a quad core CPU, (Basically the more cores you have the more quickly and efficiently the technology will work) a brilliant looking 5 inch screen, WiFi, GPS, and an incredibly user friendly layout that both experienced Playstation loyalists and newcomers can easily gravitate toward, this will be a must have item on many a birthday and Christmas list for a while to come.


-GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition: I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials that feature someone recording himself or herself executing a death-defying from an attached helmet camera. The resolution is amazingly crisp and the portability is something that is enticing to videographers of all kinds. Featuring 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second recording and built in WiFi (and WiFi remote) this camera is an incredibly impressive compromise between performance and portability (It is gear mountable and waterproof). This updated version of the GoPro is 30% smaller and 25% lighter than previous models. It truly captures the best of current camera technology.


-Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga: The modern day laptop is capable of almost anything you can imagine technologically. So how can we still have room for radical changes to the capability of a laptop? You make it more than just a laptop, of course. The Lenovo IdeaPad is a convertible ultra book. Sure, it serves as a regular laptop, but it can also be converted to a tablet, can be adjusted to stand up into a tent-like shape, and the screen can be spun around on a horizontal axis, allowing someone across from you to view the screen without having to come around to your side of the laptop. This will be a huge trendsetter for future designs of laptops.

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