IPad Doubles Up As Your Favorite E- Book Reader


The versatility and popularity of iPad is not a new thing. This is the world’s most favorite tablet. It has inspired several other brands to come up with their own tablets. But the apps that you get in an iPad and their resolution, are impossible to be touched by even the closest competitor of iPad. To turn your iPad into a fully loaded e-reader, you will have to download the iBooks, from Apple. This is a free app, which once downloaded will access to the Apples iBook store, and you can download over 18,000 e-books for free.

The important features of e-book reader in iPad:

Some of the amazing features of iPad, which makes them the world’s best and most popular e-book reader, are as discussed below:

  • The screen of iPad: Well till the launch of iPad, the book reader was supposed to have just an E ink reader. But the launch of Apple’s iPad has changed the whole game. While you are deciding upon an e-book reader, just ask yourself whether you will mind reading an e-book in a LCD screen, or prefer to read it as you read your newspaper. So now you got the answer, as to what you really want. The touchscreen of iPad, combined with the LCD screen, takes your reading experience to a whole new height.
  • The weight and size of iPad: The weight of the iPad, as well as the size of this e-book reader, makes it very suitable for carrying it along with you, wherever you go. So in this case the size really matters.
  • Battery life: When you are reading an e-book on the go, then it is not possible to carry a battery charger along with you, wherever you go. So the battery life, of iPad also makes it a very good option of reading books while travelling.
  • Features: The amazing multitasking feature of iPad is a sure winner. You are not just able to read your favorite book, but are also able to use the iPad for internet browsing, playing games, or listening to your favorite songs, or catch up with the latest videos.
  • Formats: The different formats that an e-book reader has been very important because the more the features, the better reading and multitasking experience you will have.
  • Memory available: When it comes to the internal memory storage, no one can beat an iPad. It is so high that Apple has completely eliminated the option of external memory cards.
  • Access to the different stores: When you are using your tablet as an e-book reader, it is very important that it has access to a huge number of book stores online. This helps you in reading a wide array of books, thereby providing you with a wholesome reading experience. The iBookstore has some of the top selling books in the world. The books that you can download over here are some of the latest, as well as classic best sellers.
  • The price you need to pay for all this: Another important feature of an iPad is that you get all this and more features at unbelievable price. It can give a run for money, even to its closest competitor in this department.

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