How to take a leave when you are a small Business owner

Small business owners are a different race altogether. They are notorious for not taking vacation. According to a study, small business owners take leave only on major holiday and sometimes, they even do not take any leave it at all. They work their tails of 365 days and therefore boredom is sure to grasp them that can clot growth of the business in the end. Even those who tend to take holiday every now and then acknowledge that stress-free holiday is almost unthinkable for them. Even when their families are having a great time on a sun soaked beaches, their minds still hover on missing business opportunities and all that.  But believe me vacation is a necessity for small business owner but the fact is it is still being treated as luxury. To take you out of this mentality, here I am going to give you some tips that will help you keep the stresses at bay while on a vacation:

Close The Business for a Week: Yeah I know you do not wish your hard earned customers going back to your competitors just because you are busy having a great vacation. In this tough economic scenario, this is the most disturbing thing that can happen to you. But closing down your brick and mortar shop for a day or two is certainly not going to affect your business anyway. Most of the family business organizations have a long history of keeping their shutters down for few days during the warmer season and I can safely say that they are still having great rapport with their customers. Basically it all boils down to one thing – Advance Planning. Just let the customers know you are going off for few days and if you share good relationship with him, you can be sure of one thing that he is not going to desert you.

Doing Business While Abroad: Thanks to tremendous advance being made in the field of technology, small business owners are now being able to enjoy a worry free vacation. You can check the invoice online, make the payment and go through all the details. All you need to have high-speed internet access and a laptop and there you go. By accessing your business online, chances of enjoying a worry free vacation will be improved significantly, as you will be able to keep tab on things and provide instant solutions to problems.   However, this model may not prove that much effective where face to face interaction is required. Though Skype may come to your rescue in this regard, still it lacks the appeal.

The Replacement Person: Having someone trusted to look over your job is the best thing on earth to enjoy a stress free vacation. But finding the right person to look after your job when you are not around is the certainly the hardest nut to crack.  Now those of you, who have employees, need to find out the most capable person and train him hard so that he will be able to take charge of your business when you will be not around. Now, if you do not have anyone around to pass the buck, you need to find a person working in the same niche in your surrounding and then swap the responsibility. Sounds like an easy fix? But this is not. Since he is working on the same field, chances are that he might be not that interested in looking after you business because he will be helping his competitor. Now, it is up to you how to convince him.

So, these are some of the techniques that you need to try if you really wish to enjoy a stress free vacation this time around.

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