Losing Conversion Data- A Situation That Can Be Turn into A Performance Booster

The worst nightmare of a PPC advertiser is when he logs into the AdWords account, and sees no result in the conversion column against the ads, campaigns and keywords. This horrible nightmare does not represent any lack of performance; rather it represents the lack of tracking.

There is no denying the fact that tracking the conversions is of absolute importance in a PPC advertising campaign. However, several things can happen which would result in you loosing the track of conversion. Some of the most common scenarios that cause a loss of tracking are:

  • A delay in installing conversion codes
  • An update in website that erases the codes
  • Inability to install codes if you are new to advertising

In internet marketing, a web marketer needs to be agile. The lines below explain the things you can do, in case you lose track of conversions.

1. Backup Data Sources:

If you somehow fail to track your conversion via traditional PPC conversion tracking, then you can shift to alternate data source, which can provide you with conversion information.

Google Analytics- In addition to providing you information about the website data, the tool can also help in recording the conversions. You can also add the Analytics goals into AdWords, which would make a great contingency plan for tracking.

Other Tools- Besides Google Analytics, you can use other sources like, Yahoo Web Analytics, Web Trends, and Omniture, to use as a secondary source to track your conversions.

2. Core Metrics:

Losing track of conversion data is an excellent opportunity for you to focus on PPC core metrics, and get the best results without worrying about the conversion goals. The measures you can take in this regard are:

  • You can break the campaign in to ad groups, and write good content for ads, which would increase the CTR.
  • Point the ads to relevant landing pages that contain your targeted keyword. This in combination with CTR would increase the quality score.

3. Traffic Quality:

No conversion data is also a good opportunity to improve the quality of traffic and search display. The actions you can perform in this regard are:

  • By running search query reports, you can easily identify the negative keywords. Execution of negative keywords in the campaign will improve CTR and save you money.
  • By performing search query, you can also identify positive queries that can be turned into ad groups and keywords.
  • By running placement performance reports, you can identify the websites that work best for your campaign or otherwise. Then you can include or exclude them accordingly.


In short, if you lose track of your conversions, then no need to worry, as a matter of fact, you can utilize the data-less situation to make your ads campaign profitable.

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