All-in YOGA HD: Best iPad Yoga App

Increase your flexibility without getting in a twist

Yoga probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your head when considering a way of getting fit and healthy, especially if you’re more concerned about building muscle than extending your flexibility. However, if the only thing stopping you getting into Downward Dog pose is the embarrassment of attending public classes, you needn’t worry – thanks to this app, you can try out the discipline in the privacy of your own home.

All-in YOGA is an incredibly slick app that guides you through the basics of yoga, as well as the more advanced techniques. The iPhone app is an inexpensive way of sampling the discipline, with the pricier iPad version the way to go if you’re serious because it makes it easier to follow the poses in real time.

Once you’ve signed up, choose from any of the ready-made exercise routines. These are split into difficulty levels. Alternatively, you can choose workouts based on what you want to achieve, such as improving your back strength. Routines are easy to follow, with a voiceover to tell you exactly what you’re meant to be doing, plus there are supplementary videos that you can click on if you want to see a particular move performed.

If you want something a little more tailored, you can set up a personal yoga teacher who will design a program based on your physical attributes and goals, with the more advanced ones as paid-for content. Happily, there’s enough contained within the app to keep you going for a long time before you need to make any additional purchases.


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