StealthGenie- The Ultimate Spy

Technology has evolved over the years and its different forms have enabled us to live an easy and better life. If we notice, practically in every aspect of our life, technology is playing a great role. However, if misused, it may lead to disasters. Apart from the development of equipment, science has led to the creation of mobile spy software applications, which are helping us in a variety of ways. There has been an increased demand for mobile monitoring applications as people want the task of cell phone tracking to be done easily. For that purpose, spy software applications have been developed, which cater to the monitoring needs of people. Among these, StealthGenie is one growing spy application in the market.


StealthGenie is a low-cost, easy to install cell phone spy software for Android and Blackberry phones and is totally undetectable. In situations where one wants to keep a check on what their target uses the cell phone for, and whether they’re involved in any wrong activities, StealthGenie can be installed in your target’s mobile within minutes! It has multipurpose features that help fulfill all your monitoring needs. Through this software you can do the following:

  • Listen to ongoing calls
  • Monitor SMS, emails, call records and call logs
  • Record surroundings of your target
  • Monitor their geo location and mark prohibited areas on a map
  • Set trigger words and phrases
  • Monitor videos and audio uploaded by your target
  • Monitor the Blackberry chat and other chat logs
  • Monitor web browsing along with duration and other additional information
  • Keep backup data and wipe if your phone gets stolen


Apart from the general features that all spy software applications have, StealthGenie has some special features that make it different from its competitors. Some of them include:

  • Live recording of surroundings- If you doubt your child, spouse or employee of dodging you or lying to you about where they are, you can find out about their surroundings and discussions by listening to the recorded surroundings of your target.
  • You can monitor your target’s geographical location and keep yourself updated in real time. You can mark out the prohibited areas on the map through “geo fencing. Upon crossing them, StealthGenie sends you instant alerts for you to catch the culprit red-handed.
  • You can redirect SMS- this feature allows you to send a message to any number on the targets contact list. The message is sent from the member’s area but the receiver gets the impression that the message was sent from the targets phone.

StealthGenie as a mobile tracking software fulfills its promise to meet your expectations relating to cell phone usage monitoring of your target. You can easily use the application as per your needs and requirements and no matter which part of the world you’re in, you can access the updated information easily and accurately. Instead of having baseless doubts, you can catch your target involved in wrongful activities on the spot!

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