Download Google+ App for iPhone and Android

The Google+ social networking service is finally been approved by Apple and available on iTunes App Store, although currently it’s only available for iPhone. There is no universal iOS app or dedicated Google+ app for iPad yet, not even for iPod touch, though the support is coming soon, promised Google.

Google+ app for Android has been available simultaneously on the launch of Google+ service on late June 2011. With the availability of Google+ app for iPhone and Android, iPhone and Android smartphone users who use Google+ can now share with friends on Circles, follow Streams or instant group messaging from the popular mobile device.

Google+ for iPhone is supported on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 which are running on iOS 3.1 or later. But yet to be officially released iOS 5 is not supported yet. Although an install on iOS 5 is possible, but the app may crash, freeze or some features are not working.

Download Google+ for iPhone from iTunes App Store.
Download Google+ for Android from Android Market.

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