3 Adwords Mistakes that You Should Avoid

If you’ve been beating your head on the wall with Google AdWords, then we hear you; most of the time frustration with it is due to simple mistakes. That is why if you’re going to do Adwords, you have to learn the ropes from a very credible source. This article is devoted to three different classes of Adwords mistakes you’ll be happier if you never commit.

3 Adwords Mistakes that You Should Avoid

First up is a word about the competition; and the mistake here is avoiding what they have to offer you in terms of learning from them. What ever market
you’re about to enter, you will quickly understand that you do have competition during the important market research phase. To save time and be efficient, it’s probably best to pay attention and study the ads on the first page of the SERPs.

If you’re new or of little PPC experience, then you absolutely can learn a lot by studying successful ads. The best way to find out which of your competitor’s ads are successful, all you need to do is monitor them for about 2 weeks to 1 month, and if they’re still around – then they’re doing all right.

You should gain as much knowledge as possible from ads that are making money, but also keep the ads in context with the particular market. Just about anything can be improved upon, and so that is your ultimate goal by learning from others. Ultimately your goal is higher conversions, so here is one proven vehicle that can get you what you want.

Another mistake is to use Google’s Content Network to display your ad. The Content Network is made up of sites who display Google Adsense on their sites. The traffic is markedly different from PPC traffic, and it can be less targeted and low earning. If you’re new, you will have your hands full just getting your PPC campaigns into the money, so we advise to avoid the Content Network for now. So it’s better to avoid thisnetwork and stick to the ads that appear in the search results.

Another big mistake is stuffing too many keywords into a single ad group. As an AdWords advertiser, you need to test your ads to make necessary changes and to improve performance. Unfortunately placing hundreds of keywords in one group will only cause your keywords to be ignored and the popular keywords to get all of the clicks. This makes it difficult for you to discern from the data which keywords are actually functioning well for you. You need to make sure you aren’t posting more than 10 or 20 keywords per ad group in order to get a more clear idea of how well they are performing for you. You can then use these high performing keywords in other campaigns. A definate route to absolute failure is having too many irrelevant keywords in your ad group.

Lastly, If you desire a successful AdWords advertising career you must keep on top of your mistakes to avoid them in the future.

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