Top 6 Link Building Strategies

Link building a very important task to get your site in the top search results of Search engines. Link building is all about getting quality links for your sites. Getting quality and justified links is not an easy task. You have concentrate hard on link building right from the day ‘go’, to make your website a success.

Below mentioned are important tips of how to build links:

1. Submit your site to Web directories: Submit your website to good ranking (PR 5 and above) website directories. It would be a very good idea to register your site with

2. Reciprocal Link Building: Concentrate hard on reciprocal link building too. Find good websites and request link exchange from those websites. Make sure those websites are quality, justified to your own site. Always ask Url link, title of the link, and description of the link.

3. Submit your articles to Article Directories: It will be a very good idea if you write articles for your own site. Write quality, informative, and interesting articles. Add fresh contents. Fresh contents are very much liked by search engines.

4. Submit Press releases: Submission of press release is a very good idea. There are many free press release sites where you can actually submit your site and make others about you website specifically. This will prove beneficial to build link exchanges.

5. Build your own network with the help of Social Networking sites: Build your network with Social media and networking sites. Communicate and build relationships to drive in more traffic to your sites. With that, you will be able to get some good links of existing websites.

6. Participate in link Programs: It is always advisable to participate in link programs. There are some good link programs in which you help others to get them link and other help you.

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