How to Submit Your RSS Feed

If you already have a website that uses RSS Feeds, I am sure that you know what they are and assume that you would know that you can use this feed to syndicate your website content all over the internet. However, there is much discussion on how and where to do this effectively and easily. I have a couple of RSS tricks that you can use to get your website information syndicated to all the top rss feed directories quickly and easily, so if you are ready to take your web site promotion to the next level and grow your website exposure over night, keep reading.

RSS Directories

Much like article directories like “Ezine Articles” and “Go Articles” there are many RSS Feed directories on the internet that are nothing more than a large database of user submitted RSS Feeds. These sites can be a small goldmine to a webmaster or internet marketer if they are used correctly. You can do a google search, locate these sites, sign up for an account and submit your RSS Feed. However we do not think that this is the best way to spend your time promoting your site. In fact we think that this is a pretty serious waste of your time.

If you are using a Word Press blog you already have a build in “Ping List” that would let you list each of the sites

5 Steps To Automate Link Building Using RSS

1. Make sure your RSS feed is valid, by using an RSS feed validator.

2. Choose keyword phrases that are valid to your website.

3. Link directly to deep pages, this is more helpful as far as seo goes, than simply linking to your home page, but you can link it up as well.

4. Place these links in the very first line of your blog posts.

5. Syndicate your RSS feed far and wide!

O.K. It sounds pretty simple right?

RSS Feed Smart Submission

The best way to get your RSS feed submitted to many different sites all at once is to use an RSS Feed Submission service. No these do not cost anything, they are free and easy to use. In most cases you can submit to up to 20-30 RSS Feed directories with a single submission using these free web based applications.

If you are interested in getting your feed submitted quickly have the following information ready:

1. Your Blog Name

2. Your Blog Description

3. Your Blog URL (domain name)

4. Your Blog RSS Feed URL (web site address when viewing your rss


5. Podcast Information (if you have one)

OK  now that you have it all together, just google these search phrases :

“Feed Shark”

Now these 3 services are all very similar and they are all free to use. They do have some different listings and there are some sites that each will submit to that are the same. Many people worry about submitting duplicate content or to the same directories twice. I have never had a problem with this, in most all cases, the second submission is simply rejected and not indexed an additional time.

There are more categorized and searchable RSS directories also is very useful to submit your feeds for free and


I will submit my feed to each of these services once, then I will do the same again every time that I add a new post to my website. If you are using a wordpress blog you can have this done automatically for you, when you add a new post.

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