Old Business Owners, SEO Resellers and Online Presence

Not all trade owners in the United States are young people like us. Actually, according to a survey, 47% percent of business owners (living, first generation owners) in this country are mature people over 50 years old, and only 12% of them know how to use a computer and operate around the Internet.

The problem here is not the age percentage of American business owners. It is actually the low percentage of small businesses with online presence. For corporation owners who have the capability to pay computer experts to work on with their websites, this is not much of a problem. Yet for older people with small businesses, this thing is a major dilemma.

Not all older Americans know how to use the Internet, operate a computer, create a blog, or even design a website. And this absence of knowledge puts them behind those who have knowledge about it, those who have the money to pay someone to do it.

I have checked the small businesses in my locality; I have scoured the whole boulevard, put their names on paper, conducted research about them, and found out that almost three-fourths of them have no online presence. This number is quite alarming. If only one-fourth of small businesses in my locality have online presence, it means that a large number of small business owners needs to be educated about the importance of having an online presence (or a website).

According to an SEO Reseller friend of mine, old business owners shy away from the idea of SEO and website building for two reasons: they do not know how to use the Internet, and they can’t understand the whole concept of it. This is quite normal because these people never really grow up with the system, with the Internet, and it will be hard for them to adopt the concept to their business.

Yet all these shenanigans are beatable Today, many elderly-owned businesses have online presence. They have their own websites and search engine optimization on their strategies. Retirement homes and “home for the aged” businesses have been vying for keywords for years; Google AdWords show that keywords for these types of businesses have strong competition.

SEO Resellers are the key factor why small businesses owned by older people became open to online presence. Their goal to deliver the SEO and all aspects about it is undeniably successful, although there are a lot of work left to do. Without these SEO Resellers, the message of online presence’s importance to every business would not be conveyed to people who really need it the most!

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