Home World News Steve Bullock joins 2020 race for USA President

Steve Bullock joins 2020 race for USA President

Steve Bullock joins 2020 race for President

Montana Governor, Steve Bullock shook the world of politics by announcing to run for 2020 US Presidential Elections.

“To give everyone a fair shot, we must do more than defeat Donald Trump. We have to defeat the corrupt system that keeps people like him in power, and we need a fighter who’s done it before. That’s why I’m running for President.” tweeted Steve.

With Steve counted in the race now there are twenty-two Democrats running for President.

Stephen Clark Bullock aka Steve is currently serving as the Governor of Montana, was elected back in 2012. In 2016, Steve won the re-elections in Montana getting 50.2% of the total votes defeating the Republican candidate Greg Gianforte.

He says that defeating Donald Trump is only the first step.

“When we show up in every community; when we listen more than we talk; when we put progress ahead of partisanship, we can bridge the differences that have divided our country for far too long.” tweeted Steve.

Would he be successful in winning the 2020 US Presidential Elections? We do not know that for now, but what we do know is that he certainly will be a threat to Donald Trump.


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