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Hope for plastic waste

Hope for plastic waste - e-Syndicate Network

According to the UN, almost 8 million tons of plastic waste is disposed into the ocean each year. Environmentalists are constantly raising warnings. Ocean life is chocking on plastic and temperature of our only homeland is shooting up. Institutes across the globe are pouring hours of research in labs to figure out the remedies. Students of Purdue University have discovered the method to convert plastics into clean fuel.

“Our strategy is to create a driving force for recycling by converting polyolefin waste into a wide range of valuable products, including polymers, naphtha (a mixture of hydrocarbons), or clean fuels,” said Linda Wang, the Maxine Spencer Nichols Professor in the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University

Dr. Wang is looking for investors to commercialize the process. It might sound like a dream but developing countries do not have a proper disposal method and it’s never too late to start. Startups can look for such opportunity and forums (look at our previous post Get in the Ring – Opportunity for Startups to Go Global) for funding the project.


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