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Fake terrorist funding scam exposed

Fake terrorist funding scam exposed

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unveiled a recent social media fraud. Victims were lured into funding a needy individual through Facebook. Later, they blackmail the victims for more money, saying that the person has funded the terrorist organization. The scammer would pose as DHS agent and blackmailed people to bribe them. Here is the operating procedure of the criminals.

  1. Contact the person on Facebook, seeking friendship or romantic affair.
  2. Requesting the victim to transfer some money as Aid.
  3. Posing as DHS agent the scammer calls the victim from a spooky number and tell them that there have recently funded the terrorist organization Daesh.
  4. The blackmailer would ask the person to contact a certain lawyer for a bribe.
  5. The fake lawyer would ask people $1000 or more to save them from the strict inquiry.

The DHS has encouraged people to step forward and register such fraud. Also, people are asked to try to gain some email Id from the scammer that could help the department in a crackdown against the group.


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