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World must consider the safety of India’s nuclear assets – PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday expressed his concern over the “safety and security of India’s nuclear arsenal” and stressed the international community to take notice.

In a series of tweets, Prime Minister Khan said that the fact that India’s nuclear weapons are under the control of “the fascist, racist Hindu supremacist Modi government, impacts not just the region but the world”.

Khan’s statement comes two days after Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh declared that while New Delhi had stuck to its commitment of ‘no first use’ policy regarding nuclear warheads, but hinted that the future action would depend upon the circumstances. According to experts, this statement by Indian officials raised questions on New Delhi’s core national security doctrine.

The prime minister also, directed the world’s attention towards the on-going curfew imposed in different parts of the occupied Kashmir by the Indian government, that has entered its 14th day, stating that the matter “should have sent alarm bells ringing across the world with UN observers being sent there”.

“India has been captured, as Germany had been captured by Nazis, by a fascist, racist Hindu supremacist ideology and leadership. This threatens nine million Kashmiris under siege in IoK for over two weeks which should have sent alarm bells ringing across the world with UN observers being sent there,” PM Imran Khan tweeted.

He further stated that the Indian government’s “doctrine of hate and genocide, with RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) goons on the rampage” not only the red signal for minorities in India but also Pakistan.

“And the threat also extends to Pakistan, the minorities in India and in fact the very fabric of Nehru and Gandhi’s India. One can simply Google to understand the link between the Nazi ideology and ethnic cleansing and genocide ideology of the RSS-BJP founding fathers,” he tweeted.

“Already 4m Indian Muslims face detention camps and cancellation of citizenship. World must take note as this genie is out of the bottle and the doctrine of hate and genocide, with RSS goons on the rampage, will spread unless the international community acts now to stop it,” he added.

The tensions triggered after India’s BJP-driven government’s move to overrule a 7 decades-old article 370 that gave the power of autonomy to the occupied and disputed Muslim-majority region of Kashmir.

All phones, internet services, and cable networks were cut off overnight and Kashmiri leaders placed under house arrest amid escalating tensions following a massive stationing of troops in occupied territory.


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