4 Perfect Outfits For Men At The Airport

4 Perfect Outfits For Men At The Airport

When it comes to outfits at the airport, it can be difficult to decide the best direction to go in. Some people look for comfort when it comes to their outfit at the airport, while other people will target fashion. The best choice is to do a bit of both! 

You do not want to be one of those people that regret what they are wearing because they are too warm, as some people will do an emergency outfit change if they are not comfortable with what they are wearing. Here are just a few outfit suggestions for men that can be suitable for both the plane and the airport!

Twin Set (t-shirt and shorts)

A t-shirt and shorts combination is the perfect summer outfit. The majority of the twinsets that you get are great material for the summer months and are lightweight, which is why they are the perfect choice for airport clothing. Another great thing about twinsets is that they aren’t too pricey, so you can get a good quality twin set at a reasonable price. 

A twinset is great for when you get off the plane, especially if your holiday is in a scorching hot country like Morocco or Greece. The temperatures can be as high as 30+ degrees in the peak times of the holiday season, so the last thing that you want to wear is something that will cause you to sweat.  

There is only one issue when it comes to wearing a twinset, which is if you have an early flight that is in the colder months. The last thing that you want to be wearing when the temperatures are below 10 degrees is a t-shirt and shorts. Even a jacket cannot save you in this case! So, twinsets are definitely better for the summer months. 

Now it is all about the finish for the outfit. What are you going to wear on your feet? A great option is your classic white trainers. The best thing about white trainers is that you can either get them branded. If you are tight on a budget then you can always get ASOS own trainers or cheap branded trainers on their site for next to nothing. Complete it with some white socks and you cannot go wrong. 


Tracksuits are one of the easiest go-to outfits for the airport. Some people associate tracksuits with being more suitable for the autumn/winter months. However, there are plenty of tracksuits out there with thin material. These are far more suitable for the hot temperatures abroad. 

There are plenty of websites out there that sell budget-friendly mens full tracksuits. They can be located on websites such as ASOS and Boohoo which are massive e-commerce sites for clothing. If you prefer your branded clothing then you can also buy tracksuits that are slightly more expensive from other brands. For the most part, the more you spend on clothes, the better quality of clothing you will get. If you are only buying a tracksuit for the airport, then keep your budget low, unless you go on plenty of holidays or can afford to splash out! 

Trainers are a popular choice for your tracksuits. You can get tracksuits in all sorts of colours so it is all about picking the best trainers for the tracksuit. For example, if you have a khaki tracksuit then bright red trainers won’t be the ones to wear! 

Pants and T-Shirt

This is your classier outfit for the airport but can be very hit and miss. Some people prefer to avoid pants because they can be a bit too warm for them. However, pants come in many different styles these days. You can get cropped pants that are perfect for the warmer months. Not to mention that these tend to be a much thinner material compared to your traditional suit pants. 

Both t-shirt and short sleeve shirts go well with your pants. It just depends on the vibe that you want to go for in the airport. If you want to be a bit extra then you can try a floral short sleeve shirt just to get you in the mood for the holiday. Not all t-shirts will go well with a pair of pants. You will want to go with your plain pants that are not patterned. For your t-shirts, you will want to target plain and or slightly patterned t-shirts. There are plenty of ways you can vary your t-shirts/ shirts. 

Your footwear is going to be different with this outfit compared to the other outfits. Loafers are the more appropriate footwear for this outfit, not to mention they are great for your evening footwear when you are abroad. You cannot go wrong with a pair of suede/leather shoes for your holiday. 

Joggers and a T-Shirt

A jogger and a t-shirt are easy go-to for the airport. It is great for both comfort and style. Just plain grey joggers with a white t-shirt are the simple choice you can go for. You could also have an all-black outfit. Both t-shirts and joggers will look great in black. 

However, you have to consider the temperature when you are in the country you are going to. Just remember to wear thin joggers as these will be more appropriate for the hot temperatures. 

A t-shirt is a perfect top for the plane. The reason for that is because it can get quite warm when you are on the plane. You will not be able to move for a long time which will cause you to sweat. Depending on what country you live in, if it is in the morning or late at night, then you will need a jumper or jacket. Be prepared for the temperatures when you land as well. Wearing just a t-shirt with a pair of joggers will not be ideal if you are going to a cold country. 

Again, this is another perfect outfit for a pair of white sneakers. They are comfy as well if you buy good quality of course. You will be walking around the airport a lot so make sure you have already worn them a couple of times because they will rub and cause your feet to blister. Just make sure that your sneakers are clean before you wear them to the airport. 


There are your four outfit ideas that are all great male attires for the airport. It is all about finding the perfect outfit that will be great with comfort and keeps you cool enough for the plane temperature. One important thing to remember is to take into consideration what the temperature will be like when you land!