Excellent Opportunity to Launch Your Online Grocery Store in Pakistan

Excellent Opportunity to Launch Your Online Grocery Store in Pakistan

Google has published information on search patterns in Pakistan in the midst of the induced-lockdown Coronavirus and it reveals that the demand for “online grocery delivery” has increased by 300 percent.

According to Faraz Azhar, the Industry Head for South Asia for Google Asia Pacific, Pakistani customers are shifting towards healthier lifestyles as they have shifted their attention to highly sophisticated and affordable products and services compared with the past 12 months.

Here are some more perspectives about Google’s released Pakistani consumers.

4 Of 5 Pakistani consumers are looking for goods online before making a purchase and switching between online video search

  • Before buying a product, the search for “nearby supply options” jumped by 138 percent
  • Inquest for “quick delivery options” an increase of 130 percent was reported.
  • During the lockdown, the search for “regular exercise” in Pakistan reported an increase of 160 percent.

While the hunt for “green cars” and “renewable electricity” has increased by 130 percent, Pakistan’s internet user base is becoming increasingly aware of the changing climate.

Pakistani internet users’ searches for “blue sky” has risen by 300%, “clean air” by 225%, and “clean water” by 217%.

Eventually, growing numbers of Pakistanis use video streaming and video sharing sites to test information and share ideas about news, entertainment, and sports.

Muhammad Salman Siddique
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