9 Proven Ways An Entrepreneur Can Fuel Creativity On A Daily Basis

9 Proven Ways An Entrepreneur Can Fuel Creativity On A Daily Basis

Among the cognitive and emotional processes that an entrepreneur experiences, the best tool to create and pass the entrepreneurship process in the best way is the creativity that throughout the evolution of man has been a permanent and useful factor for creation and learning.

Creativity is a very broad concept known in a myriad of disciplines, mainly in those that involve the creation or transformation of something. But if we see it like this every day of our life implies it, we create a new thought, an idea, with which generate new knowledge that allows us to innovate what we already know, gives us the ability to better what we do or think.

To understand creativity in entrepreneurship, we take insights from Frank Patrick Delgadillo. According to Delgadillo, “creativity is the ability of the human being to create, to produce new and valuable things. It is the ability of a brain to reach new conclusions and solve problems in an original way where most of the time they are limited.”

Delgadillo is a highly revered entrepreneur based in the United States. He specializes as a brand builder, product/fashion designer, and creative director. In his entrepreneurial pursuits, Delgadillo founded Ambiguous Industries. He is most notably for his expertise in business creativity and reached culmination as an Advisor and Creative Director for Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development.

Delgadillo writes, “Engineer as much as you can. Well, I think that applies a lot in cases of entrepreneurs. As such, we face a host of things that often seem to be against or limited either with knowledge or sometimes with tools and materials to create or solve a situation. It is here that creativity comes in. When it is a most creative and curious mind, nothing usually stops us. Since with what we find in command, we solve what is presented. In this way, we often overcome frustration in any difficult situation.”

There are factors that include in creativity so that it is powerful and effective such as:

Imagination: This is the way to represent events in a mental way, stories, or images that do not exist or that happened before. The imagination helps to distinguish the real from what is not.

Criticism: It is not when you start saying things about others, it rather has an objective criterion with which we can differentiate and prioritize things to find the failures and successes we have to find an optimal solution.

Comprehension: Understand with coherence all the elements, actions and/or strategies that can generate a new idea, analyzing everything in parts to understand its function, and thus combine everything to produce new elements and generate creativity.

  1. Read: Reading activates your mind and helps you imagine what is happening in the paragraphs you read from either a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. Reading helps to mentally build endless possibilities, scenarios, and ways of how you can see the person or characters involved in reading so that you can activate your way of understanding what happens.
  2. Perform sensory activities: Any activity that involves using all your senses helps to foster creativity. I know that you think that you are already great at these things. But no, you are not, play with modeling clay, make up a character, do cut out magazines, make a collage, paint a picture even if you’re not a Da Vinci. If you have children, play in the mud with them soak in the rain.
  3. Get distracted: The creative life is not fully on your cell phone or your computer. On the contrary, most of the time your computer distracts you from the really important things. I do not tell you to stop working. Just give yourself time to go for a walk, go to the cinema to the theater or just go visit your friends or family, that will help your mind to free itself from the mist, and then the ideas will come.
  4. Music: Listening to what you like and sometimes what you don’t like is very enriching and helps your brain stay agile. Music is one of the best remedies for many things.
  5. Question, question, question: Delgadillo urges professionals to question everything as if they were a small child who is discovering the world. In this way, discover things, learn and understand how it works, why things are one way and not another. Adults work basically the same if we ask ourselves why it is so and not so or why it is pink if it could be blue, etc., then you are generating creative processes that help us with innovation, so do not be afraid to ask. Delgadillo led a star-studded career setting up many business ventures from the ground up and stimulating creativity aspects in professionals working in different positions at those companies. He remained the Founder of Deco86 Chemical Lifestyle, co-founder/creative director of QuickAct International; founder of Colony 2139; co-founder of Komforte Chockolates; co-founder of Comune; founder of Chapter; co-founder of Townes; founder of Dessau Design Studio; co-founder of 2145 Pizza; and creative director of Transition Zero.
  1. Brainstorm: Brainstorming helps when you want to do a project or generate something new. Write down all the ideas that come to mind, no matter how bad or crazy it seems. In the end, everything counts to put together the final idea and achieve a good result. By releasing everything you bring to mind, the brain is stimulated and gives us clarity.
  2. Doing physical activity is good too: It helps us improve circulation and, therefore, the oxygenation of our brain, thus achieving good mental health and greater ease of processing all the information that comes to us.
  3. Drink plenty of water: Hydrate that helps your brain to be fresh as good lettuce, not literally. But if it helps stimulation, you can drink natural juices or coffee alone without excesses. As you will see that coffee helps you stay awake. It is not quite a myth, so you know how to hydrate your brain so that creativity flows.
  4. Mental and sensory stimulation helps creativity a lot, but in the same way, living with people who complement those parts in which you are not so good helps a lot since that way, they generate different ideas, and you learn many more things.
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