Toyota Shuts-Down Its Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan

The Indus Motor Company (IMC) has released a public notice announcing that they will close their production plant due to the coronavirus crisis affecting their supply chain and the current lockdown imposed by the Government.

In the notice, the company has said that,

We are living in a time when safety has not only become more important, but the concept has been completely redefined. The term “safety” now covers far more than it ever used to in the automobile industry and we must unite and take care of each other to ensure a better future for everyone.

Toyota Shuts-Down Its Manufacturing Plant in Pakistan - Official Notice

It also addresses the gaps in the time frames for delivery and development as well as the national and international supply chains.

In the end, the company has said, “Due to the international economic conditions and the fluctuation in the FOREX indices, regretfully the prices of our products and vehicle range are being revised. The new prices will not affect any full payments made however if a customer requires a refund, they may approach our Customer Assistance Center (CAC) which will process a complete refund without any penalties or deductions.”

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