Good Employees and The Power They Hold to Make or Break a Growing Company

The Growth of a Successful Business

A good business does not just happen overnight.Often, it takes blood, sweat, and tears.Many factors go into if a company will rise to success or fall to its feet.The number one factor that goes into how successful a business turns out are its employees. Good employees are usually a result of a healthy work environment.

The Power of Feeling Valued

If an employee feels valued at his workplace, it is proven then he will be more productive and more efficient. If the manager of a company takes the time to lead his employees rather than to bark orders at them all day, it is likely those employees will feel more motivated to do their jobs. This helps the business grow immensely. A happy employee will result in a happy, satisfied customer. Satisfied customers will go out into the world and leave positive remarks and reviews about the company to their friends and family. Those same family members and friends will choose to shop at the store or request services from the company the next time they need it. It is like a chain reaction that begins with the company manager and ends with the customer.

The Opinions of the Employees

Collecting employee feedback at least once a year is crucial to the success and growth of a business and/or company. When a manager takes the time to gather feedback from his employees, it shows that he cares about their wellbeing. It shows that he is open-minded and will accept critique from his employees and value their opinions on ideas that they may have to make the business better. When employees can contribute their ideas to the company, it is likely there will be conflict as no two minds are the same. Conflict may sound like something bad, but when handled the correct way, it can lead to a stronger company. The manager can hold a meeting with all the employees invited that will allow for everyone’s voice to be heard. He can also put out a survey or even hold a luncheon. Whatever he chooses to do, he will be collecting ideas and critique from all sides of the company and in the end he may be able to use those opinions for the benefit and growth of the company.

A Team Environment

When employees get along with each other and work together, the company they are working for thrives. This could be for many reasons, the first one being the obvious that a ship will only float as long as its seaman can keep it afloat. When employees work together, they contribute to solving problems more efficiently and become more helpful when it comes to aiding their customers. Good employees will foster an environment of kindness and diversity making everyone around them feel welcome as well as the customers. This is one of the most important factors to growing a successful company. If no one got along within the workspace, it would begin to show on the outside. It would also begin to show within the company’s financial data as bad customer service equals less customers and less customers equals less money. As well, if no one got along, communication within the company would likely begin to break down. Without communication, customer service would suffer and the business would most assuredly begin to falter.

A Thriving Business

Growing a first rate business is not an easy task. It definitely is not something that can be done alone. It takes the work of many within the chain and the consistency of many moving parts in a well-oiled machine. It is certain though that without the hard work of the employees, a business would be nothing. Finding good employees is a key factor as well. As well as fostering a happy healthy work environment, a manager should not hire just anyone. He should go through resumes and conduct interviews to see who is best fit for the job at hand. He should also hire and fire as he sees fit. It is critical to a growing business that the right people be employed at all times. If one person in the chain starts slacking, the whole business could start to be affected by that one person’s lack of abilities. This is why it is crucial for a business to not just hire, but actually come to know its employees and who they are. It is vital for a growing business to take every employee’s ideas to heart and to value them for their work efforts. It all comes together like an equation that in the end equals a business that will thrive and continue to grow for years to come.

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