India marked history in declaring Failed People as their HERO

India has always stocked extreme obsession with its failed personals. They always use to declare them Hero to satisfy their inner inferiority complex.

Most recently, the Indian Space Agency, ISRO and “a nation of well over one billion people” were all set for the Moon landing. But ISRO lost communication with its Chandrayaan-2 lunar mission on Saturday in a setback to the nation’s ambitious mission to land an unmanned rover on the moon.

When the landing was expected to occur, silence took over the entire gathering. Narendra was in the control room when the lander was supposed to touch the Moon surface.

As soon as the communication loss reported, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement. “In life, there are ups and downs. The country is proud of you. And all your hard work has taught us something … Hope for the best, you have served the country well and served science and humanity well,” he said.

He later tweeted, “India is proud of our scientists! They’ve given their best and have always made India proud. These are moments to be courageous, and courageous we will be! Chairman @isro gave updates on Chandrayaan-2. We remain hopeful and will continue working hard on our space program.”

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Back in days, Indians also declared their failed fighter pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan, after he smashed into the ground with his poor Mig-21 on Pakistani soil by Squadron Leader Hassan Siddique, who was deployed after scramble call on his JF-17 Thunder.

Indian airforce and its poor Mig-21 jets came into question after a recent engagement at the Line of Control, in which Pakistan used F-17 fighter jets against Indian fighter planes that commit a violation of Pakistan’s airspace, bringing down one Mig 21.

The  Pakistan Airforce’s Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui successfully downed the Indian MiG-21, operated by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, recalling the memory of  7 September 1965 when Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam SJ downed nine Indian Air Force aircraft during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, including five Hawker Hunter aircraft on one sortie.

A “failed Indian hero” Wing Commander Abhinandan, the pilot captured by Pakistan, was later allowed to go back to India as a peace gesture from Pakistan’s side, where he was awarded the title of HERO by Indian Media, High-end officials, and celebrities.

Pakistan’s response to Indian aggression on February 27 will be remembered as “Operation Swift Retort” and no doubt, THE TEA WAS FANTASTIC.

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