Around 4,000 New Fire outbreaks in Brazil out of which 2,000 in Rainforest

Amazon fire

New fires continue to spread out in 2000 different sections of the Amazon rain forest despite the Brazilian government’s apparent efforts to stop the deforestation in the region.

The National Space Research Institute published satellite data portraying that in the last 48 hours after the Brazilian government’s ban on burning, issued Thursday, there were 3,859 new fire outbreaks, roughly 2,000 of which were in the Amazon, according to a post in the Daily Mail.

The institute also reported that of the 88,816 fires in Brazil this year through August, 51.9% occurred in the rainforest.

August observed international outrage over the fires destroying the Amazon, with social-media posts and tweets from celebrities drawing attention to the epidemic. Brazil, however, has pushed back against the responses, downplaying the news and denying help several times.

After refusing the proposal first, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is now agreed upon accepting $20 million in aid from the G7 economic alliance on the condition that French President Emmanuel Macron apologize for calling him rude.

Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest and oxygen factory, plays a crucial role in the regulation of greenhouse gases and slows down the rate of global warming. Millions of animals, insects and other indigenous populations inhabit it, are also facing this catastrophic event.

The world’s biggest and widespread oxygen source is on the verge of dying, as the Amazon is losing at a faster rate than ever. But who will die and who will survive in the end? Surely we are all going to die and the earth will survive somehow, to sustain any other species in a different period, species that will be completely unaware of the fact that any intelligent animal has ever ruled the earth before, as Humans.

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