Dr Abdul Qadir Khan told the untold story behind Morsi’s Case

Dr Abdul Qadir Khan told the untold story behind Morsi’s Case

Egypt elected a democratic president after 30 years of dictatorship and right after one year of democratic rule, they sacked the Government of Mohammad Morsi and called out for a military coup. Morsi was charged with multiple cases, funniest was of espionage for Qatar. Anyhow, hundreds of people along with president Morsi were charged. Seventy-five high profile officials were sentenced with severe penalties including death.  And while president Morsi was facing trails in the courtroom, the world was shocked with his sudden death. Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan called it a murder. Neither Egyptian media covered the story enthusiastically, nor did the Government let out any information. The cause of death was stated heart attack from one source and other source stated its coma.

In this situation, Pakistani Atomic scientist Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan issues a statement through his FaceBook account that told the other side of the story. Khan told that president Morsi was in talks with Russia to help Egypt in operating its own nuclear power plant back in 2013. The expected production of electricity was sufficient enough to light the entire African continent.  He visited Russia, Pakistan, and India for the cause and Russia expressed its consent to cooperate with president Morsi. USA and Israel in the other hand had issues with Morsi’s plans.

“President Morsi traveled to Russia, India, and Pakistan, but many do not know that he agreed with the Russians to re-operate an Egyptian nuclear reactor enriched with uranium that would generate electricity,” Khan said. ”Do the Egyptians know that the results of this visit have been the most frightening to the West? Egypt would have solved the electricity problem in the country forever, as well as exported enough electricity to light the continent of Africa.”

Khan also stated that Germany was restricted by the USA to sell submarines to Egypt

“The Egyptians should know that during the rule of President Morsi, Egypt received two German submarines. Israel had pressured Germany to prevent Egypt from gaining possession of such submarines, which are capable of hitting an aircraft carrier if Egypt has the right missiles,”

If it wouldn’t have been the 2013 coup, Egypt would have been a highly powerful county. Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi replaced Morsi in 2014.

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