Former Algerian Prime Minister accused over corruption charges

Former Algerian Prime Minister accused over corruption charges

Algerian former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has been taken into custody as per the orders of Algeria’s Supreme Court. He was under investigation over corruption charges and the court order to detain him on Wednesday.

Along with the PM, country’s former transport and public works minister Abdelghani Zaalane was also detained under similar charges. Both the leader are considered as senior most politicians of the country. Mass riots broke out not long ago, requesting the expulsion of the ruling elite and the indictment of corrupt individuals. Hundreds of people celebrated the arrest outside a jail where high profile businessmen are being held over corruption charges.

Ouyahia had allegedly awarded illegal privileges during his term before he left the government in March out of reshuffling. He is also the leader of the country’s second largest party, the Democratic National Rally (RND).

Multiple corruption cases have recently been opened due to the pressure from the military and ongoing protests. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika also resigned in April, following the situation. Being in a powerful position, the Army has encouraged the judiciary to investigate every single person involved in corruption. Several senior figures including another former prime minister, Abdelmalek Sellal, and eight former ministers are also under trial in Algiers on doubts of dishonesty.

The youngest sibling of the Ex-President, Said is also under custody by a military judge for damaging the military’s power and plotting against the state. Two former Intelligence Bosses who accompanied Said are under trial as well.

Demonstrators in the country need another age of pioneers to supplant the corrupt ruling elite. They also demand the removal of the interim President and the Prime Minister, as they consider them as part of the elite ruling the country since independence. Amid the adverse conditions, authorities have deferred a presidential election recently arranged for July 4, referring to an absence of applicants. However, no alternate date has been announced as yet.

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