Celebrate the love for yourself. Relive Tamasha this Weekend

Celebrate the love for yourself. Relive Tamasha this weekend.

Majority of the population can easily fall in love with someone. Majority of the population find it difficult to love themselves.

Loving your self is not only crucial to self-esteem but also vital for trusting and respecting your very existence. Believing in your unspoken thoughts and unexpressed skills can become challenging. And a further struggle is to convince others to see eye to eye to you. In such a situation, your faith in yourself becomes life support for your passion.

Anyways, we are not bringing you a list of tips on self-esteem, instead, we chose to recommend you this amazing movie that can expand your perspectives.

Back in 2015, Imtiaz Ali directed a masterpiece called Tamasha.  Those who were able to understand the core message, the movie became salvation to them. Many misunderstood it as a love story. But as I said earlier, Tamasha was not a love story, it was self-love story.

The protagonist, Ved Vardhan Sahani (Ranbir Kapoor) is the perfect depiction of almost every one of us.   Away from his tightly constrained environment, he acts in a completely different way, expressing his passion for storytelling and movies. Once back under social pressure, he does what we all do. Here Tara has a vital role to play. Role of Deepika (Tara Maheshwari) was more of a catalyst that enables Ved to explore his true self.

The movie questioned social norms in its unique way. And the most important point was choosing a male character struggling with societal pressure. In a patriarchal world, men are equally subjugated to social structure and are expected to strictly cling to their pre-defined role.  A topic, never discussed before. Tamasha was quite a bold move in many ways by Imtiaz Ali.

So here is what we can learn from the movie.

  • Even the most stupid skill that you possess (storytelling in this case) is a gift. It’s your special gift. And no one, in centuries, can do this better than you. You were built and born to do what YOU love.
  • Societal structure is to keep the herd in line. You are free to break the rules, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone.
  • Being what you are is your birthright. Not what you’ve been told but what you discover is your true self. Live it to the fullest.
  • Fiction and fairytales are not fake. And every success story does not end with a chartered plane and billions in the account. Doing what you love is the actual success.
  • The one who deserves your love in the first place is YOU. You are worthy of being heard.

Art direction and music composition in itself were a marvel of performing arts. The ending sonnet “Safar Nama” was derived from Rumi’s philosophy of self-discovery. Lucky Ali sang the song to touch the very fabric of your soul.

IMDB rated Tamasha 7. Now it’s your turn. Relive the experience this Eid and may all your passions meet their destinations and all your wishes come true.

I am a writer and critic with a passion for Politics and International relations. Being a business graduate, I work in one of the fastest growing IT companies in Pakistan. I am also the co-founder and have remained editor-in-chief of IU Gazette. I consider learning as vital as breathing and love to inspire and be inspired.