Authentic College Experience in Melbourne: Living at College

The two most common emotions new students feel when going off to college are excitement and fear. Excitement, from the anticipation of all the fun and freedom that comes with being a college student. Fear, from the uncertainty of university and being pushed out of their comfort zone. The sudden realization that they are now almost completely independent is enough to push many students to stick to living at home. However, if you are looking to study in Melbourne and either, through circumstance or choice you decide to stay on campus, you have the option to do so through residential colleges.

These Melbourne residential colleges offer a unique, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Prospective students are given an opportunity to tour the school to get a first-hand taste of the student life experience. This authentic college experience in Melbourne combines student activities, home-like accommodations, a 3-meal plan (no need to cook), the opportunity to meet with a number of international students and a chance to experience the beauty of Melbourne.

Student Activities

Student activities play a huge role in a student’s life. It is easy to burnout from studying and students need the opportunity to blow off some steam. The student activities allow for individuals to explore other interests while still engaging with the social aspect of university.

  • Arts – for students who are interested in arts and culture, they can partake in theatre production, design sessions using state-of-the-art computer systems, classical soirees and fine arts. There is something for everyone regardless of your expertise. Fellow students and teachers are there for support.
  • Sports – there are up to 14 sports for students to explore. Australia is known for its sports and partaking in healthy competition between students allows for a fun and unique option to stay fit and meet new people.   
  • Academic Events – Melbourne colleges organize academic events to stir up intellectual conversations among students, researchers and respectable academics.
  • Intercollege Events – these are events organized to compete and interact with other colleges in Melbourne. It’s an opportunity for students to make new friends and expand their network.
  • Social Events on Campus and in Town – a college experience is not complete without the occasional social events and the adventures that come with it.


Student/Faculty Support

Being away from home can be emotional for most people; that is why it is essential to build relationships in college. With students and faculty from all over the world, college is one of only a few places where you can experience high amounts of diversity all in one place. Seek support with people who you feel safe with. Befriending seniors is one way to get support from someone who has most likely experienced what you are going through. Alternatively, there are also several academic tutors living throughout the college that you can talk to about issues you may be facing.

Melbourne is a beautiful city that brings people together from all over the world. As a student, do not be shy to explore every opportunity that comes your way. Going through an authentic college experience in Melbourne leaves you with unforgettable memories, a quality education, great friends and the feeling of having a second home.

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