Next Moon landing is getting ready to take place

Next Moon landing is getting ready to take place.

Next moon landing is expected in 2024. USA’s previous claim has been mocked by USSR and many other countries. Back in 1969, when the USA claimed to send first ever human to the moon, USSR and some other countries rejected the claim. Many scholars and institutions even proved it a fabricated drama. Ever since humans have been sent to outer space but touching the surface of the moon remained yet a mystery. Russia (the USSR), Japan, China, the European Space Agency have sent probes to the moon but only 12 humans from Apollo mission reportedly set foot on the moon.

Anyhow, another moon mission is on the way. And the USA is sending supplies for Astronomers already. Three Robotic Lunar Landers have been unveiled by NASA to carry Payloads to the Lunar surface in 2020. Three different robots are produced by three different producers enlist as  Astrobotic Technology, Intuitive Machines and Orbit Beyond — under Commercial Lunar Payload Services program.

The flight schedule of all three Landers varies.

  • New Jersey-based Orbit Beyond, will fly four payloads to Mare Imbrium, a lava plain in one of the Moon’s craters, by September 2020.
  • In July 2021, Astrobotic Technology, a Pittsburgh-based company, will deliver a total of 14 payloads to Lacus Mortis, a large crater on the near side of the Moon.
  • Intuitive Machines, a Houston-based company, proposed to fly five payloads to Oceanus Procellarum, a dark spot on the Moon, by July 2021.

Which payload will fly with which flight is yet to be decided by NASA?  This is going to be a commercial mission where 11 companies have been selected to partner up. The companies will study and produce prototypes of human Landers that with help put American astronauts, including first female astronaut on the moon. The landing is planned on the South Pole of the moon by 2024.

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