Australian Tattoo model rejected allegation of assault

Australian Tattoo model rejected allegation of assault

Famed for his unusual looks, Social Media Tattoo model Mr. Bramble mocked Police over the issuance of his arrest warrants. In response to the Police, Tattooed boy first commented on Facebook “Nananana you’ll never catch me.”

The boy was accused of assaulting someone publically. Police published the video for identification. Mr. Bramble has rejected the charge at first, later he issued a statement telling his fans that the issue has been sorted and he is a free man now. Victoria Police anyhow confirmed that the warrants were active and policy is still seeking the suspect at the run.

Mr. Bramble has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and more on Facebook. He has 98% of his body buried in Tattoos, including face and eyes. The 23 years old model (father of a baby boy) follows several taboos. He has a forked tongue and gauges in his ears, sized10 cm in diameter.

The boy told media that his case is very casual, it is his appearance that fetched his fame and attention. Boy label himself “world’s most modified youth.”

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