Stiffness in Middle East – Who is behind it and Where is it all going?

Stiffness in Middle East - Who is behind it and Where is it all going

The Arab world is the best example of the domino effect. May it be the wave of nationalism or revolts, the Arab nation has always felt the impact upon each other. Amid to US-Iran tension, Saudi Arabia gave its narrative on Sunday.

Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia made an announcement that they do not want war in the region, but stand ready to respond with “all strength and determination”

Saudi Arabia has called out for an extraordinary meeting in Mecca on May 30. The meeting is called on the wake of an attack on the country’s oil facilities and sabotage against tankers off the UAE coast. Two oil tankers from Saudi Arabia and two other vessels were attacked on May 12, 2019, in the Exclusive Economic Zone of UAE.

No claims were made from any party after the attack but the USA suggested that the sanction on Iran could have been the reason behind the attack.

Yemeni Houthi rebels conducted a drone attack on Saudi oil facility Aramco. on Tuesday. Houthis called the attack a major operation against Saudi Arabia. Houthi have a conflict with Riyadh backed Yemeni Government. Saudi blamed Iran for backing the Houthi rebels whereas Iran denied any connection or support to Houthis against Saudi Arabia.

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