PM Imran Khan launches e-visa policy for 175 countries

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan is planning to implement a new visa policy to flourish the tourism industry of Pakistan.

The efforts of Imran Khan is commendable as he is opening new doors for Pakistan and making it a secure place for everyone.

He recently made the remarks while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad to inform about the government’s new e-visa policy on Thursday.

He further explained how important is to maintain good relations with the world for Pakistan and how the new visa regime will lead to better foreign investment and tourism.

This automated visa system will allow the citizens to complete the entire visa process from any part of the world.

Features of the new visa policy

The visa policy is applicable to citizens of the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia. and Turkey.

The foreigners will get 3 months e-visa in 175 countries within a processing time of 7-10 working days.

For the purpose of religious tourism, Foreign nationals of India will also be eligible to avail the facility of e-visa.

Business visas shall be granted for five years within 24 hours.

For nationals of Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and UAE multiple visas will be granted for a 30-day entry.

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