Dr. Tayyaba Becomes the First Pakistani Woman to Go on a Research Trip to Antarctica

Lahore-based stargazer, Dr. Tayyaba Zafar is the main Pakistani lady to be chosen for an Antarctic research trip under the Homeward Bound program.

Among 80 ladies having a place with 26 nations, she is the just a single chosen from Pakistan. The program includes upgrading the impact and the effect of female worldwide pioneers and pros in innovation, science, arithmetic, building, and drug.

Tayyaba remained in Antarctica for three weeks under the program. The members went to day by day administration addresses and visited different destinations that endured because of environmental change.

The ladies secured everything from nation bases to penguin species’ provinces, zodiac travels, softening ice sheets, and whale viewing.

Tayyaba called this a positive ordeal. “You can feel the energy and breathe in it. You can reflect yourself,” she says. The outing to Antarctica has been a piece of a one year program. In this year, the members went to online sessions on a few subjects like administration characteristics.

“In spite of the fact that it was an incredible experience, a few of us fell nauseous and the most widely recognized impact was dizziness,” says Tayyaba.

The 35-year-old stargazer says that she adored space science from her youth. “In Pakistan, the subject of space science isn’t instructed. Since I loved space science, I used to purchase books regarding the matter and read them for joy. Concentrate the subject, top to bottom turned into energy,” she says.

Tayyaba achieved her initial training in Lahore. She finished her Masters in Physics from Pakistan and addressed at Punjab University for eighteen months. In 2007, she won a grant for Ph.D. learns at the Dark Cosmology Center of the popular Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.

Dr. Zafar has been administering M.Phil. Understudies in the Punjab University. She hates that young ladies are not keen on science, particularly cosmology, by any stretch of the imagination. She said that she has neglected to persuade even one young lady to apply for remote grants.

Tayyaba said that there is incredible potential among Pakistani ladies, however, they have issues. Groups of huge numbers of these young ladies don’t enable them to travel to another country and seek after their fantasies. She said that even her family was not actually persuaded over her voyaging alone abroad when she got her Ph.D. grant in Denmark.

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