Everything to Consider Before Hiring a Prospective Employee

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Any business owner worth its salt knows that the bread and butter of a successful company are the employees. And throughout the business lifecycles, we will have to use our ability to hire and fire. Hiring the right one can be challenging. But what is more expensive and time-consuming is hiring the wrong one.

Naturally, we would want to make the best possible impact on the work environment by hiring all the right people, the best that we can. We need someone with the right skillset, depending on the industry we find ourselves in. But that is just one of the criteria that need to be met. Here are the know-how and the steps we need to take to make the best decisions possible.

1.      First things first

We need to clearly define the job opening and its requirements before actually hiring anyone. It’s pretty simple, first, we need to do a job analysis. It will enable us to collect all the necessary information about the responsibilities, skills, and outcomes that are expected. It is crucial in developing a job description for a potential new employee. In turn, it will assist us in our plans for recruiting and hiring the right personnel.

2.      What to look for

Beside the right skill set, what are the qualities we are looking for in a model employee? We can narrow it down to five basic factors. Let’s start with attitude. We need to surround ourselves with people who support but also question our vision and goals.

Employees need to exude a positive vibe and strive. But also, they need to question every step of the way in a constructive manner. We do not need an echo chamber of ideas, but a complementary skill set.

Next, we have communication skills. Employees need to be able to effectively communicate with each other. The adequate verbal and written communication skill set is necessary for any working environment to operate at peak efficiency. Failing to do so can result in sub-par performance and in some cases in serious issues. Think heavy machinery.

Next, we need them to be creative. Remember that complementary skill set we were talking about? We need employees who can create new and potentially better ways of doing things. It is what we commonly refer to as “thinking outside of the box”. Creative employees are also more likely to accept new challenges and find solutions that are constructive and profitable. Integrity allows us to trust our employees and make us at ease when entrusting them with a task. So, before hiring, we need to make sure that they are trustworthy, especially if the job description includes words like “business finances” or “money”.

Finally, we need to look at a personality behind the suit. Confidence, motivation, and energy are good for any type of job. But we need to make sure that the person we are hiring is compatible with the company’s culture and environment. For example, a professional soccer announcer might not be the best fit for an accounting office. Making sure that everyone is comfortable with one another will lead to a healthy work environment.

3.       Can an employee legally work in Australia

As employers, it is our responsibility to make sure that all the legalities are in order. And when it comes to procuring workforce, there is plenty of it. Failing to do so, like hiring an illegal worker, can result in big penalties. Australian citizens, visa holders, permanent residents, and New Zealanders are legally allowed to work.

On the other hand, some visas do not grant working permission. And of course, foreign nationals without one are not allowed to work in Australia. Working visas can be obtained by having a highly sought-after trait. This is where legal comes in and it is advisable to hire reputable immigration solicitors to iron out the fine print. They will make sure that we are covered in the eyes of the law, especially when hiring a non-Australian resident.

Taking the time and knowledge to invest in our most valuable business resource is always a smart thing to do. By following these principles we can be on our way to a strong workforce that will lead to great things in the future.

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