The Courageous Girl from Buner is Not Letting Her Disabilities Get in Way

This Courageous Girl from Buner is Not Letting Her Disabilities Define Her

Saba Gul, a young lady from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Buner territory, is a genuine picture of valor, fortitude, and energy.

Saba lost her two hands because of a serious electric stun in 2005. She reviews this occurrence in these words:

“I was playing with my companions when a high-voltage wire fell upon me. My folks hurried me to the local medical clinic in Buner. The specialists cut off two hands and from that point forward I am utilizing my feet as my hands to traverse life.”

What’s most critical is that she didn’t let this deplorable occurrence being an obstacle in accomplishing her objectives. She gets past life utilizing her feet as hands.

Gul has as of late got affirmation in KP’s a standout amongst the most renowned universities, the Islamia College of Peshawar. She was very amped up for her confirmation.

Saba reveres late Human Rights extremist Asma Jahangir and the prestigious model in the wheelchair Muniba Mazari and needs to end up a legal advisor.

She needs to work and battle for the privileges of ladies, particularly the physically tested.

Saba has turned into motivation to her cohorts. Her kindred understudies and dear companion begrudge her valiance and wish her fortunes for what’s to come.

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