Introducing the Selfie Frame… an Unassuming Prop with the Power to Boost your Business Events

Businesses everywhere are embracing digital and social media platforms and creating innovative campaigns with successful engagement results. If your business events don’t feature the humble selfie frame, you could be missing a trick. The playful tool has the power to create fun memories which can shared and tagged on social media in a very natural way.

Read on for more reasons to make the most of the selfie frame at your upcoming business events.

A simple prop with versatility

Selfie frames are very much versatile. They have the fantastic ability of being a crossover product, used for a variety of B2B and B2C events. Using a selfie frame prop at your latest business event, whether it is a conference or industry exhibition, is a fun way to get your team and clients engaging with one another.

Generate more business contacts and lasting memories with a selfie frame

A selfie frame, no matter the event, encourages your guests to engage with one another and make memories that they can look back on after the event. When a business event involves networking with new people, you want these contacts to engage with your company so that they remember you – and likewise you remember them. Not only will the selfie frame interest people enough to stop and talk to you and your team, it will also remind you of who was there, and help you match names to business cards after a long day.

Selfie frame pictures help acquire new followers

Selfie frames seem to be a big social media novelty. Posting your pictures with the prop seem to get people to really engage with you. Sharing the photos following the event encourages both attendees and onlookers to engage with your company by tagging and sharing where they see fit – in some cases you might acquire new audiences.

A great value marketing tool that can be reused

Event budgets can be tight with so much to fork out for. The addition of a selfie frame at an event doesn’t need to break the bank. Prices for single selfie frames are £19.80 for an A2, £24.60 for an A1 and £34.20 for an A0 size frame. It is a totally affordable cost at a business event that can easily be accounted for in a marketing budget. It will cost as little as a breakfast coffee run for everyone in the morning!

An article produced by Where The Trade Buys, a UK multi award-winning commercial printing company. The UK based business holds expert knowledge in great value printed dibond signs and is a leader in HP Indigo Technology.