Fun Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated At Work

One of the key ingredients for a happy, healthy work environment is happy and enthusiastic employees. You can feel a vibe when you are walking around a corporate office if the employees enjoy their work atmosphere or not. What are some signs that you work in a happy work environment? First, start looking at the communication among you and your co-workers.

Do you speak with tension? Or genuine happiness? Do people try and work together in a team to solve a problem? Or does everyone run off into their own corner to decide how to handle individual situations? If you are worried about a sad staff, why not throw in some in fun sessions, team bonding activities, or festive celebrations to liven up the group!


How to Cheer Up the Crowd:

If you want to improve teamwork and morale, try a team bonding activity! Maybe a game show that you need to get some game show buzzer and game equipment for? Your staff will notice if you take the time and effort to plan, order equipment, and set-up a whole team bonding game! You could do a trivia show that is relevant to your everyday corporate office life! For example, if you work in a law office you could go over different statutes of law, in which people slam down their buzzer when they know the particular statute you are hinting at!

Or maybe, if it is around the holiday season, consider some kind of festive celebration! A potluck maybe? And after you all enjoy your tasty lunch made by all your staff members, move on to some colouring fun or holiday trivia! Split up your staff into teams, and answer any holiday historical trivia questions you want with some buzzers! People will really get into the moment of the game show if there is the addition of some sort of noise to really slam down that they know the answer! Potluck parties are a great way to get a feel of the people you work with and the culture in which they come from!

You could even take some trivia questions with you on a field trip! Maybe take a nice trip to a rented out hall or dance studio? You could have half the people taking some dance lessons and the others playing trivia to cool down! You will not be disappointed in the attitude of your staff members if you take the time and effort into making some work days, “not so bad!” Throw some exercise, lunch session fun, and of course getting a few hours spent outside the office! What could be better than that?

Trivia games are great and sometimes equipment can be hard to come by, but in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane there are certain corporate game show equipment centers that make it just a little easier for you to enjoy some time with your co-workers! It is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase this kind of equipment, and it will show your staff that you are willing to go the extra mile to show them a fun time!

If you are looking for some more inspiration when it comes to some fun games and trivia to entertain your staff check out this blog by Duncan, titled, 12 Employee Engagement Game Activity Ideas! Duncan lists out twelve different employee engagement ideas that you can do with your staff! Some involving trivia, and some not! Some of the ideas listed, like “Name that Staff Member” is a great office charades version! Split up into teams, and put everyone’s name in a hat! Each team will pull out a name of an opposing staff member and have to describe it to the other team! Once the team can define the staff member being discussed, they can slam down that buzzer for the win!


So What Does This All Mean?

The best way to encourage a happy, healthy work environment is to promote positivity in the office! Let’s be real, corporate offices can sometimes be stuffy and cold, but it does not have to be like that all the time! Once a month consider implementing some sort of trivia or game to reward your staff and let them know they have been doing a fantastic job!

Games and activity among staff do not have to be costly, and it can something just as simple as renting out some game buzzers, ordering some pizzas and spending quality time with the folks who you spend the majority of your time with anyway! In many offices, staff members spend more time with their co-workers then they do their own family members, so you want that to be a positive experience for them and you!