DIY Resource Kit of Free Tools & Tips!

DIY Resource Kit of Free Tools & Tips!

Entrepreneurs are required to assume various roles while launching a business. At each stage of business, they have to acquire some new skills or techniques and get their feet wet. A daunting task while still trying to run and drive a new business. With a restricted budget keeping it lean, often entrepreneurs find it difficult to manage the tasks efficiently. Today, many open source tools and apps are available which have the best comprehensive features all tied into one to make it easier for users. Some prefer using specialised apps such as a Business card maker, Logo Maker or Email signature creator while some choose online tools which help take care of multiple tasks at the same time.

Here are 7 affordable tools which have proven to be instrumental in simplifying and automating tasks for entrepreneurs making their life easier


  • Use Designhill for your Graphics needs


Designhill is an AI-based online graphics services tool which offers a platform to create a logo, book cover design, brochure design or even a business card. The tool works based on your preferences for various colours and design. Using this data, the AI tool comes up with some designs, out of which you can choose the one you like and even make changes as per your requirement.

Another feature of the tool is that you can commission your design as a contest on the tool and 30 professional designers compete with their design entry. You can take your pick out of these designs and use the one you find best.


  • Try Trello for Project Management


A great management tool, Trello offers a collaborative platform for a team to stay connected regarding various tasks of a project. You can create multiple boards with lists and cards denoting details with checklists, links and attachments. The contributors can share further information in the form of comments.


  • Communicate better using Slack


One of the most popular cloud-based chat and communication tool, Slack was founded by Stewart Butterfield. This app can be used with a desktop as well as mobile device. It is a great tool for all team members or employees get in touch with each other quickly. You can create public as well as private channels where you can add or remove members to keep a control over the flow of information. Slack also allows users to share files with each other for better and clear communication.


  • Focus on the correct audience with Google Trends


Every business needs to capture the correct target audience to ensure the success of all the marketing and branding efforts. Google trends can help you identify your niche and strategize accordingly. The data can also help you fine-tune or modify any marketing activities such as the use of certain particular keywords, demographics etc. Based on the results on Google trends, you can make your marketing attempts more focused and therefore achieve more returns.


  • Build a great website for your business using Squarespace


While you may still be in development or preparation mode of launching the business, setting up a website or even a landing page can prove to be beneficial in spreading the word. This will help you create a buzz while you work out the nitty-gritty details and educate your target consumers about your business. Having a website ready right from the start also conveys that you are a professional and serious about the business. Using Squarespace you can set up your website easily and quickly. The key is that you can build it on your own without hurting the pocket, a must for any startup!


  • Choose the best Social Media Channels


Social media has made an indispensable place for itself in the marketing industry. Each social media channel has something unique to offer and based on your target audience you can choose the one which suits your business best. While e-commerce businesses prefer Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, some prefer Linkedin when targeting certain sets of professionals. This helps in curating the best content in an efficient manner. Social media platforms if chosen correctly can provide one of the most affordable channels for engaging the audience.


  • Save big for your business with Zoho One Subscription


Just as Designhill offers a common platform for a free logo creator, business card creator and email signature creator, Zoho One has almost all your business tools and apps all rolled in one neat package. The Zoho One bundle offers over 40 apps which include CRM, Billing, Analytics, Social, Campaign, Desk, Assist, Meeting, Writer, Invoice, Vault and many more, all at a dirt cheap price of $30 per month per user. The apps can be accessed through mobile as well making it easier to manage the tasks while on the go.

As an entrepreneur, you may have to wear various hats in order to launch and run a successful business. With these great tools, you can navigate these trying waters and make it work in a stress-free or less stressed manner.

Researcher and Content Writer at e-Syndicate Network. A constant learner. Learning and growing every day. Salman has over 5 years of experience in the fields of Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Brand and Business Development.