Women in Business: TOP Friendly Cities to Launch Small Business

It can be rather difficult to start your business. Of course, it much depends on where you are going to start. There are many places where it is really hard to develop your ideas just because of location. Instead, there are also many interesting cities that are good for your business. If you are a woman, you should be careful when start your business in the city of a foreign culture and limited opportunities. Canada, USA and New Zealand are the friendliest. They offer the most comfortable life and business conditions. Start from the very beginning.  Use Hertz car rental and go to find a good co-working center for your start up.

What are they, the best cities women in business?

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  1. San Paolo

This popular Brazilian city was highly rated as one of the friendliest business cities for women entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, your expectations from the city are not as big as the city expects from you with limited budget.

  1. Mexico

Mexico can be really good if you are looking for a new idea and ready to make search, look for partners, consultants, and investors. This can be a good start on your way to progress.

  1. Tokyo

This Japanese city took a leading position in market opportunities. There is much to do and nobody can stop you. Nevertheless, you can hardly find a good example of woman business projects here.

  1. Shanghai

The opportunities in the local market are unlimited so that you can rush into it easily.

  1. Taipei

Taipei is good for women, working on giving them many interesting ideas for business and opportunities to implement them into life. It’s ok if you are a woman!

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  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is good for introducing new ideas and making money. Welcome!

  1. Peking

The city has succeeded in developing new and innovative technologies. If you are brave and talented, you are warmly welcome!

  1. Austin

This is the city where you can find a lot of women-led companies. The most popular of them is Becker Wright Consultant, led by Jennifer Wright. Austin is a supportive platform that offers broad opportunities for men and women.

  1. Munich

Munich always put the highest rates for its friendly policy. You can name a lot of women-entrepreneurs here. Nevertheless, the market size is not big enough to live and grow up without problems.

  1. Seattle

Looking for a good example to follow, go to Seattle. If your idea is creative and perspective, you can get promotion and sponsorship without a problem. You can name about 8 big women-led companies in Seattle. Pike 13 is a software firm that must be the best in its sphere.

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  1. Paris

Paris is known as one of the best cities for building up business in the sphere of culture. If you are creative and ambitious, welcome to the local market. Nevertheless, it would be great to have more investments and technologies.

  1. Sydney

This is one of the best cities for women-entrepreneurs so that you can use local resources, broad opportunities, newest technologies, and women-mentors.

  1. Washington

Washington is definitely the best. You can easily find more than eleven women-led companies here. The most popular one is A. Prentice Ray & Associates, which belongs to the sphere of cyber security and IT. The most of the companies are supported by government.

  1. Toronto

Toronto has everything you wished for: mentors, broad chains, competitive market, examples, and governmental support.

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  1. Stockholm

This city takes leading position in development and support of women business. Your ideas can be easily implemented into life in such a favorable and friendly environment. Don’t worry that you are a woman.

  1. London

London can boast the best access to the local and even world market and government financial support. Women-entrepreneurs are more than welcome here.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco gives good money for small enterprises, especially for those that are led by women. Also, they have many interesting bonuses and supportive programs for beginners. Kaizen Technology Partners is one of the best in IT sphere. It is run by Dao Jensen.

  1. New York

New York is probably the most attractive place for women in business. You can start your business in any sphere. Thus, the best example for you can be MM.LaFleur that is the best in the sphere of clothes.

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It is also important to realize that the city you are going to start your business in doesn’t provide any guarantee about your success in business. Here are a couple of advices for women to start from:

Start Small but Think Big

Of course, you are not ready to start big business. It’s ok. Just make up a plan and follow it step by step. As it is said, it is better to go slow but sure.

Learn Business Environment

It is very important to learn local rules and regulations that can work upon your business. For example, you should research local laws, taxes, licensing system. This information is really helpful to make up your business plan.

Use Local Resources

The most of the big cities are involved in special business support programs. You should learn about it more. Thus, Girls in Tech in San Francisco is able to help all women to succeed in their business.

Do you have a business idea? Do you still have doubts about where to start? Look around! There are many interesting opportunities in the world that can help you to develop your business ideas, even the craziest one. Try to move step by step according to your plan and find the most comfortable business environment.

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