Top 8 Best Commercial Construction Companies in Dallas

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Do you have a commercial construction project ready for implementation?

Have you been looking for a construction firm that can pull it off flawlessly?

Are you located in Dallas and would prefer working with a local firm?

Then this is your lucky day! We have gathered the names of the top 8 best commercial construction companies in Dallas. Go through each company’s description, and then pick the one that seems best suited for your project:


  • Nationwide Construction


This company has been in business since 1985 and has seen more than 500 projects to successful completion. They have experts on their staff skilled and qualified for carrying out various types of projects, from heavy industrial to commercial. Their brand name is synonymous with great service and timely delivery of the best quality construction work. They aim to continue being one of the most heavily sought after Dallas Construction Companies for another three decades or more.


  • Dallas Interiors and Remodeling


The strength of Dallas Interiors and Remodeling comes from sustainable and close relationships they forge with their vendors, including Home Depot, Glidden Professional, etc. They are a family business and place no limit over how far they’d go to serve their customers. Call Dallas Interiors and Remodeling for a complete remodeling of commercial retail spaces and they will deliver the best every time! They have also been involved in the renovation of warehouses. Such jobs included demolishing interior walls and then re-texturing the inside for a brand new look. Whether you hire them or not, they advise their customers to check out customer reviews before selecting any contractor.

  •    D&M construction

D&M construction is well known for their customer discounts. That is their special way of rewarding repeat and loyal customers. Once they have accepted a job, D&M construction believes in meeting the customer as soon as possible. After a detailed discussion on the customer’s vision, they will draw a list of their requirements and then get down to work. D&M was born of the passion that its owner’s father had for carpentry and cabinetry. They will work with individuals and companies alike. They advise their customers to stress on the finishing date and budget when out hiring a commercial construction company.


  • Braughton & Sons Custom Fencing & Gates


Braughton & Sons Custom Fencing & Gates is owned by an individual who has construction in their very blood! They represent the third generation of the family to continue the business. Braughton & Sons Custom Fencing & Gates start by meeting the customer and finding out what they want exactly. Once their bid is accepted, they get to work. Whether it is an 8-foot-long wrought iron fence or something more complicated, Braughton & Sons Custom Fencing & Gates handle it all. They advise their customers to ensure that everything a construction company lists is essential for the project in question, such as posts, metal operators, and runner boards.


  • Gamez Drywall and Repair


Gamez Drywall and Repair is run by an individual with more than two decades of experience under their tool belt! They have successfully pulled off remodeling projects, as well as those that required re-texturing, and/or painting. If you want a company that excels in interior finishing work, then Gamez Drywall and Repair is what you need. They advise their customers to work with construction companies who allow a certain degree of flexibility in their estimates.


  • Creative Construction and Remodeling


Creative Construction and Remodeling was founded by Barry O. Brien. The owner of this company has been a part of the construction industry for more than 30 years. For almost two decades, Barry has been serving the customers located in the DFW Metroplex area. The firm has the expertise to deal with both residential and commercial construction. They are also members of the Better Business Bureau, which is why their customers have no qualms with Creative Construction and Remodeling handling their projects. They are known for being detail-oriented, timely, and for their creativity.


  • City Wide General Contracting


City Wide General Contracting was founded by an individual with more than two decades of experience in the field of construction. They don’t believe in judging a job by what it will cost to do; instead, they believe in providing quality service and materials to their customers at a reasonable price. They are willing to match the best quotes in the market, but not the cheapest. That’s because they believe in the quality of their work.  


  • Lupes Construction


Lupe’s Construction specializes in both residential and commercial projects. They are highly experienced and trained contractors committed to providing high-quality service. Call them if you need construction that will endure!

So, what do you think? Which of these commercial construction companies sounds like a good fit for the project you have in mind?

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