TOP 7 Tips Every Green Traveler Should Follow

All people like traveling. It always gives you fresh emotions, often contradictory. Every time you are going to a new country you don’t know what to expect, especially when you are a newcomer in the sphere of traveling. In order to avoid mistakes and get only positive emotions from your trip, you have to be prepared. It simply means you should read useful tips from experienced travelers to know what is what. Thus, you will learn that the best and rather cheap variant to get around the city in a car. You don’t need to worry about it! It is enough to upload rental24h car app on your phone and book a car in one click! Here are more tips to follow that can help you to get ready for traveling.


No fear!

Don’t be afraid to try something new! When you are in fear you cannot taste new dishes, go to the unknown places, try new activities on. If you still have many questions about the route you are going to travel through, you can ask passing by people, locals every time you face with a kind of difficulty. Pick the routes you can trust to and don’t be afraid to contact to people around.

Follow the route but look far!

Traditionally, every tourist tries to find the best and the most interesting touristic route to follow. Take the guide and look attentively! You can find a lot of worthy places here, but you can hardly find something like the most popular local bar to have some drink or the cheapest restaurant. This is the time to leave your guide at home and ask locals for help. Just go to the nearest bar and find out what is what in this city. People-to-people communication is the fastest and sure way to get a fresh information about a place or thing that you need right now.

Travel slow

Naturally, traveling through the new place, you have a strong desire to see more and travel faster. What a good idea to see as much as you can! But, will you enjoy it? Having a choice to go through 10 cities in 10 days or 3 cities in 10 days, you should pick the second variant. Why? Traveling fast is often tiring. All you get at the end of your trip is marvelous pictures, stress, and wasted nervous. There is no a big sense to run through the country like a road runner. Just be slow! Spend the day walking in the park, sitting in the cafe, and enjoying your time to the very full.

Cafe in Buenos Aires

Don’t take much clothes and equipment

youTraditionally, every time  start packing you take as many clothes and different unnecessary items as you can and able to carry. As a result of this, you will carry your heavy backpack here and there over the country. It’s wasting your time and efforts. Just pay attention where are you going and weather specific.

Take your phone

Your smartphone is your best friend on the go. You can meet a lot of interesting people and memorize their phone numbers to use in future. You can use Facebook for chatting, planning, sharing your pictures and impressions. Also, there are many helpful apps that are good for finding the right way, touristic route, the cheapest hotel, or a good place to rent a car. Whenever you go, it is important to stay connected all the time.


Take EXTRA money

Traveling can be cheap! Can you believe it? There is a difference. Thus, In Asia it is enough to have about $15 to spend a day. In Europe you have to spend about $50 per day. Nevertheless, there must be always some extra money and it absolutely doesn’t matter how good you are in planning. You cannot plan emergencies or sudden changes of you route. Think of your budget, what you are going to do and what budget you factually need and take some more.

Don’t be shy

It’s natural for people to worry about what other people think of him/her. You need some courage to talk to strangers first and ask for help. Look around! All those people in your hostel are the same travelers as you are! There is nothing to shy about! Just say HELLO and it will take you on the right way. Don’t feel shy to ask, talk to people, and make new friends. You will enjoy the process.

Dolphin Kiss

You should try to take from your trip as much new impressions as you can. That means, you shouldn’t stay in the hotel or go shopping all the time. Go diving, take classes in horse riding, go hiking or boating. Do something that you’ve never done before but always wanted. Of course, every new trip offers a lot of new opportunities, tasks, challenges. Be adventurous, but responsible!

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