5 reasons why your website should include a blog

website should include a blog

To have a blog with your website or keep your website blog-free has always been a question. Many websites have a blog that is updated on a regular basis by some talented writers and content creators, whereas there are many websites still standing tall without officially running blog; the odds, however, are always in the favor of having one. Blogs are a way for the customers to connect with the product more, get in-depth knowledge and enjoy the information given to them that will ultimately help you in keeping those customers long term. Many times instead of the word ‘blog’ you may see other options like ‘News’ or ‘Articles’ but they all mean the same thing.



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Here are 5 reasons why your website should include a blog for its successful running:


  1. Mega Traffic Drive and leads

Blogs have been known to drive more traffic to the website than a website can on its own.

How is a blog driving in additional traffic? The answer to the question is an acronym we’re all too familiar with, SEO. If that is not the case, you can read more on SEO and SEO strategy on the blog section of PNC, an agency known for their SEO services in Orlando.

Good SEO search engine results are mostly drawn in from the new and fresh content with specific keywords in them. You can’t add a lot of keywords and fresh content on the website itself, so the blog gives you a platform to post fresh content that will drive in more traffic. Adding content to your website multiple times a week helps you remain on the top of the SEO search engine results, which put you in a better position to be clicked on or checked out by possible new clients and customers.

When your website is getting more traffic, it is an excellent opportunity to turn those golden traffic numbers into leads. Every new piece of content you post on the blog should be able to get in more customers like a “call to action” post. Offer something like a free e-book or free vouchers to the clients every time that may lead to them giving you their email address and contact information. Once you get their contact information, you can go in heavy with the leads.


  1. Informative Articles to keep the crowd engaged

People love new and fun information. No matter what genre of business you do, any new or interesting information is well appreciated if it’s in the form of a written or a visual post. Try to gather as many questions as you can about the product you are selling and make an elaborate individual post about them. This will not only give your readers something new and engaging to read about but they will also be very well aware of the information regarding the product.

This isn’t the only advantage of posting descriptive articles on the blog but the questions you write about could be the ones a lot of people are searching for answers to. Your article could easily come up at the top of the search engine results and drive in further traffic and some loyal customers.

Make sure the content is fun to read and engaging, nobody wants to read dull details that start sounding like a textbook.


  1. Build Your Social Media Empire

For a few years now, social media has been a best friend to many businesses. Blog content is perfect for getting the word out there and helps your content reach thousands of people because it is easier to share. Many companies develop different marketing strategies that involve bloggers and celebrities who hype up their product so it gets enough attention and more people try it out. When they love it, they’ll use the same social media platform to spread word and share the content related to the product from the blogs. The links people share through their social media accounts directly link back to your original website which is a big plus as people browse through the webpage and may find more things that interest them.

If you play it smartly, you can turn visitors and customers into your small marketing team by adding sharing options to all social media platforms, making it easier for them to share content directly.


  1. A Two Way Discussion Portal

Building a relationship with your customers and engaging in conversations is great for your website. It adds a sense of authenticity and shows that you really care about your customers. A simple Q and A session or a feedback thread is very healthy for your website, as customers can ask away anything they might be confused about. Leaving a post, waiting for customers to give you their feedback, and replying to that feedback can be a wholesome way to connect. Customers then look forward to every new post of yours so they can share their thoughts and opinions. It helps you gain insight on what the customers think about your product and you might even get a lot of useful advice and suggestions.


  1. Using Internal links for more and better SERPs

Your blog is an excellent way for you to build internal links. Internal links act as portals for other webpages with similar or relevant content and improve the visibility of another web page. Specific keywords that are generated in an SEO content help generate internal links that can be optimized in the search engine results.

Blogs have a lot of SEO related advantages that can help you optimize your website and the organic search it generates accordingly. The internal links can promote the posts already on your blog; for example, if the content on your blog answers to the “why” part of a topic, you can link to the other post that answers to the “what” or “when” part of a topic. In that way, you link the posts together for more efficient search results.



Blogs are important for any website no matter how small the business. Before buying the product, people like to read more about it especially if it’s something expensive. The only downside of having a blog is the time you have to put into maintaining it but that’s nothing compared to the traffic and success it brings to your business.

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