Travelers’ Choice: 7 Valuable Apps for Android Smartphone

Travelers’ Choice: 7 Valuable Apps for Android Smartphone

Any trip will be much easier if you use special additional applications on you android device. With their help you can instantly book tickets for airplane, train and rent a car. Such travel applications will allow you to book rooms in the best hotels or find lodging at an affordable price. At the same time, you’ll be able to visit the major sights and objects of the infrastructure of the desired place. Of course, you won’t get lost thanks to detailed maps of the area…


This free travel application creates a detailed list of things that need to be packed into a suitcase. Of course, it won’t pack the baggage personally, but it will be a great helper in collecting things. PackPoint will tell you which of the items are needed in the upcoming trip, depending on its nature, duration and weather conditions at the desired destination.

Lego Transport Solution

The list created when planning a trip can be easily edited already during the packing of luggage. Even if you have limited time, with PackPiont you can significantly speed up the process by sharing responsibilities by sending any of the lists via e-mail to other participants in the trip. With this smart app you will never forget the right things!


Auto tourism is very popular today. Car rental has a number of advantages compared other modes of transport. You can change the common tourist route whenever you want in order to capture places that are not part of the ‘standard list of attractions’.

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There are special useful applications for car travelers. Having installed Rental24h app on your gadget, you can safely start a trip on the branched grid of roads! Thanks to this Android program, car rental becomes much easier – you just need to pick the desired dates, location, and choose a suitable vehicle according to your needs. Rental24h operates in all the major destinations throughout the world and offers an impressive fleet of cars with a full review of the car rental conditions.


One of the most convenient helpers in the selection of air tickets visually compares the prices of hundreds of airlines. Data processing takes several seconds, allowing you to find airline tickets literally in a wink and save time and money. You can book an air ticket through the Android device by direct link to the website of the airline or travel agency.

After checking the list of offers, you can not only compare prices, but also consider the various options of the flight. The search will be useful both for students who prefer to save on the ticket, and for passengers who want to fly with full comfort. Even if you still don’t know where to go, no worries! Specify the starting date of the vacation, and the service will help you to find the most profitable tickets for this time to anywhere in the world.


Before you begin the journey, it’s advisable to find the place of accommodation. RoomGuru application does a great job with this task. The program quickly finds hotels – both around the world, and near the current location of the user.


User-friendly interface combined with easy searching process without ads and unnecessary information will make the choice of the hotel a simple procedure.

City Maps 2Go

Regardless of what type of transport you use, it’s important to have a map of the local area during your trip. For such a case there are special applications for the tourists. City Maps 2Go allows you to download detailed maps of a huge number of cities, localities and regions around world for their use in offline mode. Also, it’s possible to load the map of the desired route.

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In this application you will find information about museums, shops, cafes, restaurants and places of interest. For each of these places you can read travelers’ reviews.



One of the brightest and most memorable impressions of traveling to another country remains after visiting establishments that specialize in national cuisine. There are many such places in any tourist city. In order not to waste time while searching for cafes and restaurants, we suggest using FoodSpotting. The app will easily show you where to taste local traditional dishes.


Knowledge of even a few foreign languages ​​doesn’t always guarantee full mutual understanding with locals. No matter how ridiculous this may sound, the language of drawings is the only way to explain something in a language that is unfamiliar to you.


ImageIt Android application created specifically to say something as quickly as possible. Just get your smartphone and draw a question or choose the most suitable icon from 450 already available ones which are divided into 10 categories. The categories are presented in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. The application has a function of constructing meaning chains and doesn’t require an Internet connection.

There are so many Android travel applications for traveling, and most of them duplicate each other. However, not each one can boast of versatility. We selected the most interesting, reliable and most useful travel applications among them. We hope these programs will make you journey easier.

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