Guest Posts: How Content Can Be Used For Elevating Your Site’s Ranking

Guest Posts How Content Can Be Used For Elevating Your Site’s Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex digital marketing technique that involves the use of multiple tactics to get high search rankings and organic traffic for a website. One of these tactics is guest blogging, which involves publishing of content on high quality websites that accept guest posts. A majority of guest blogging sites take free posts, yet expect genuine, high quality content that adheres to some guidelines. Despite the fact that you give away good content for free, this tactic is absolutely worthwhile considering the benefits it can bring.

Guest posts bring extensive benefits for the SEO efforts as it builds traffic for the website as well as enhances its reputation online. Additionally, it boosts the ranking of your site because of the quality links that you derive by dropping guest posts at high authority websites. As a rule of thumb, you should focus on getting your content published on influential websites so that you can reap the maximum benefits of this tactic. Over the years, guest posting has emerged as the best way of generating credible backlinks naturally and using them to propel your SEO strategy. Let us give you an overview of guest posting.

Guest Posting and Article Marketing: What is the difference?

To begin with, it is important to highlight the difference between guest posting and the conventional article marketing strategy. While both revolve around content, there is a considerable difference between the two tactics. The content in case of article marketing is more general because article directories are not really choosy about the content you post on them. On the other hand, blog posts are niche-based as they are accepted by niche-oriented websites. This makes the latter more effective for getting relevant links and reaching out to targeted audience for the traffic that is more likely to convert.

Spamming is a far-fetched possibility when it comes to guest blogging. The reason is simple; you do not have many options for posting content as there are only a few high quality sites that take guest posts. Moreover, they are very selective about the posts they accept. This means that you do less of spamming, with lesser but only high quality content posted on authority sites. With this, you get access to relevant and quality backlinks that serve as a valuable asset for your business website.

How to choose the guest blogging sites to publish your content?

Now that the difference between blog posts and articles is well clarified, you will need to find the best sites to have your content published. This can be a dual challenge, considering that you have to find high authority guest blogging sites and get your content approved as well. The search is primarily based on the niche of your business. For instance, you need to search for a fashion blog if you run a fashion e-commerce website. If you are catering IT services, then a technology blog that publishes guest posts would be the apt choice for you. Use ranking services to check the authority of the guest blogging sites so that you can shortlist the worthwhile ones. A first-hand look at the site is also essential so that you can understand the content quality they post and expect from the guest bloggers as well. Besides using these measures to filter the best websites for guest blogging, you can also check for help.

What are the basics of guest post submission?

After you have a range of options where you can get your content live as guest posts, the next step is the real challenge. The challenge is to write a post that meets the quality standards and writing guidelines. Every high authority guest blogging website has certain stringent guidelines related to content quality, topic, format, length, and more. Go through the guidelines before you write and submit the post. The first thing to bear in mind is the niche of the blogging site and the fact that your topic must match this niche.

Following this, you have to pitch the content before submitting it so that you get an answer from the blog publisher. This ensures that the content is shared only if it has good chances of being approved and published. Additionally, it prevents the issue of the post being published on multiple guest post sites if you submit the content with them for approval. Once you submit the content, it may take a few days to be published if approved by blogging site editorials. Keep checking the site daily to see if the post has been published as blogging sites may or may not inform you about the content publication.

How to leverage guest blogging for excellent results?

Regular guest posting is an effective means of building quality backlinks for your business website. Stay connected with the blogging site; also keep regular checks the comments that you get on your post. Ensure that the post is not deleted from the site. If you have a few posts approved and published on a particular authority blog, you can capitalize on the relationship and keep getting strong backlinks over a period of time.

Guest posting is a powerful and effective SEO tool and a majority of business websites are using it to elevate their search rankings. Content is the driving force for this technique as the best of the blogging sites accept only quality content. Also, it is important to know that guest posts yield fewer backlinks yet their high quality makes them better that those built with the conventional article marketing techniques. The best way to leverage this technique is to have an expert digital marketing team with SEO professionals, content marketers and content writers. While the content writers can churn out high quality content for guest posts, content marketers and SEO professionals can find the best blogging sites and get the content approved for publication. Guest blogging can thus be a considerable investment for a business but it is completely justified because it can bring effective results for the business and build its traffic and reputation online.

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