Top Project Management Trends Shaping 2018

Top Project Management Trends Shaping 2018

Projects are the most significant aspect of every business organization. Effective project management is required to deliver them successfully and to improve the bottom line results. For this, you need to adopt emerging project management software trends that will give you a competitive advantage and enable you in meeting and exceeding the customer expectations.So, here are key trends to consider this year.

Here are Top 5 Project Management Trends Shaping 2018:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will rule the Roost

The concept of artificial intelligence which was once at a virgin stage has now transformed into a practical, applicable, and highly-efficient problem-solving mechanism in many industries today. The latest AI technology has taken automation to a new level, is capable of analyzing data in a better way, provides structured information and smart suggestions based on your project needs. Thus, it helps businesses make more informed decisions.

Another good thing about AI is the more data you feed to the tool, smarter it becomes in providing predictions and suggestions. Thus, the use of AI- based software streamlines your overall workflow including notifications & updates on task progress, availability of smart glasses to share the view of one member with the other teammates. In addition, project data is easily accessible and filterable. With all the above functions, it helps PMs save a great deal of time and increases efficiency and productivity manifold. Project managers can rather focus on important matters & metrics. Such AI based tools are in great demand in every field such as for information management, WordSmith for data writing, Logo maker for logo designing etc.

2. Agile Technology will Lead the Way

Many industries including construction, finance, and marketing, have embraced this flexible framework to realize greatest organizational benefits. It is certainly a wise business move as according to research also using agile project methodology can lead to improved business communication, makes workers more adaptive & responsive to any kind of environmental changes and gives better ROI.

There are many tools and applications that are compatible with agile and these tools make working on agile quite user-friendly. One thing is for sure agile is not going to disappear in a puff of smoke like a passing trend rather is here to stay. It is going to reshape the way businesses are operated, all small to medium-sized businesses will be adopting it. So, get geared up to witness the widespread application of same in the year 2018.

3. Get ready for Remote Teams

Remote project management is another trend that is gaining ground steadily. In order to ensure work-life balance and not being restricted to the office desk this trend is increasing in popularity. Not only from the employee perspective but also from the employer perspective. To stay competitive, businesses also need to adapt to the emerging business models and offer at least partly remote positions.

With this new development also comes plenty of benefits that remote teams bring along such as a much higher level of employee satisfaction, a major cut down on the administrative and logistics cost, better approach to problem-solving, greater boost in creativity, and an ingenious approach to problem-solving and more.

4. Mobile Revolution will Dominate

With workplace culture becoming more dynamic, project managers need access to information on the move. These days everyone is glued to their tablets and mobile devices round the clock and this can now be utilized as another communication channel. With new age project management solutions, PMs can now have access to real-time info whether visiting any outskirt locations or traveling anywhere in the world. This valuable feature bring to the table a lot of benefits like improved productivity and efficient time management.

Advanced features like team directories, discussion forums, and chats, make sure that all members working on the project stay connected with each other and it results in better organizational decisions. The latest project management apps come embedded with rich features that ensure efficient work management irrespective of the location differences.Thus, 2018 can be marked as the year of mobile movement and with this project teams will have access to data in just a single click of a button.

5. It’s the age of Emotional Intelligence

As we move deeper into the global world, to be successful project manager possessing only technical skills are not enough you need sound emotional intelligence as well. The present complex work environment demands emotional intelligence capabilities in the project managers so that they can confidently pursue team collaborations and developments, relationship-building, and negotiation skills. Project managers work under high pressure so it is imperative for them to keep their emotions under control even in challenging work situations so that they are capable of maintaining best work quality.

Having a higher level of emotional intelligence results in better problem-solving, on-time project delivery, streamline work processes. Thus, 2018 is the age of emotional intelligence which demands to channelize emotional intelligence in the workforce to ensure project management success.

Closing Note

These project management trends started shaping from 2017 only but in 2018 you will see the dominating the scene. These innovative trends are here to stay and have a huge impact on project management in the immediate future. Don’t overlook this trend rather embrace them to experience improved work processes and better output within your organization.