Business Marketing Using Direct Mail Services

When you have a product, service, or information that you want to market, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing that, direct mail offers an effective marketing method.

You can use direct mail services to generate a list of a specific group that you determine would be the most interested in what you’re marketing. It might be home owners, pet owners, or perhaps a type of business.

Once you’ve established your target audience, you work with the direct mail companies to bulk mail your material. It might be postcards and brochures, or it could be newsletters, or even catalogs.

What are the Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing?

You choose your target marketing audience rather than just randomly sending out physical mailings. Bulk mailing is more cost effective than regular mail post.

What are some examples of materials you would want to include in a direct-mail campaign?

Catalogs and brochures: This can become costly, but it can also be profitable directed at the right market. Let potential customers see your products or services.

Samples: People like getting a free sample. If you’re offering a new product that you want people to try, it could work in your favor to offer a limited number of samples to those you respond to your initial mailing. It’s also a way to involve the reader in your marketing program.

Announcements: Perhaps you want people to visit an open house or grand opening where you’re showcasing your business.

Useful information: People appreciate useful information that they can keep. Try and make it something that pertains to your business as a steady reminder.

How do you create an effective direct-mail campaign?

The first step is to get your name on every mailing list you can and locate helpful free information. You should compare other companies who are marketing similar products or services.

What colors, design, copy, and key words have they chosen? What is your reaction to their marketing piece? Has the marketing piece provided for reader involvement or feedback?

The second step is to read everything you can find about the direct mail process. Make an educated decision on the best direct mail strategy for your situation.

Working with the right direct mail service, you will receive in-house assistance with all aspects of the direct mail process. If you are a DIY direct-mail business, you can save on critical initial costs that are important to a start-up business.

Some helpful information on the direct-mail process include the following:

  • DIY Direct Marketing: An Essential Guide for Beginners by Judith Donovan. It covers all aspects of the process in clear and practical language.
  • Direct Marketing News offers accurate information of all aspects of direct marketing.
  • Target Magazine is an online publication that provides helpful information and articles on all aspects of marketing.
  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is an invaluable resource that offers assistance through seminars and printed material for those interested in direct marketing.

What happens after you send out your direct mail?

Follow up: If you’ve sent a mailing to people on a list with whom you’ve had previous contact, then the next thing to do is call them and ask if they’ve received your information and ask if they have any questions.

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