The Inside Job: Unique Interior Theme Ideas for Your Homes

The interior design is not just all about the image of the home’s interior. It also plays a significant role in your everyday life. It offers people with a place to relax, think and retire to at the end of the day. With so many unique designs and styles, renovating or building a new home and choosing the interior theme can be difficult for you.

Some are enjoying the combination of the elements of various styles to decorate their ideal design. If you are looking for inspirational themes to choose for your new home, here is the list of some unique interior themes.

Peppy Bohemian Style Decor

If you are the type of person who likes to experiment, explore and reinvent things, and is artistic, then the Bohemian style is probably the best theme for your interior design. The bohemian decoration is for those people who want their homes to be lively, full of culture, and exciting things.

It introduces the features of modern awareness and includes the relaxed, carefree and unusual ambiance. Boho style often incorporates cheerful eclecticism, bringing inspiration by blending tribal-like patterns and drawings, bright colors, and cultural-themed furniture.

This style uses various textures to emphasize a space including distressed woods, houseplants, hand-woven rugs and retro accessories that form organized messiness.

The Elegant Scandinavian Theme

The decor of Scandinavian interior design and its uniqueness signifies minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. This home decor has begun in the middle of 1950s and added recognition for craftsmanship and minimized the elegance of the homes.

Walls with white shade, blue and cool gray textiles will bring out the best Scandinavian interior environment. Don’t be afraid to show the wood walls and furnishings. Include covering on ceilings and walls to add warmth and texture.

Some Scandinavian style consists of eco-friendly features installed on houses such as groundwater heat pumps and proper insulation for roofs and walls.

Rugged Industrial Style

The Inside Job: Unique Interior Theme Ideas for Your Homes

The industrial interior design is about proudly presenting the building materials and stuff. This style emphasizes an unfinished and raw look to the most carefully designed homes, collecting and displaying items that are more functional and stylish at the same time.

Often highlights exposed pipes and ducts as a feature of interior design which is hiding by most of the homeowners. Expect a “warehouse” look if you want to achieve the industrial style since it uses materials from industrial areas such as metal surfaces and vintage furniture.

Using metal braces and polished nickel, and tubes will bring the authentic industrial ambiance in your home.

Natural Country Style

The key to designing country styled interior is the comfortable spaces since it recalls the warm grasp of a timeless shelter. This home decor signifies various traditions such as French, Scandinavian, English, or Tuscan and significantly varies on its outside ambiance.

But, every palette of this theme is united in their appreciation and love of the rustic and the organic element. A country styled home displays a collection of natural materials such as woods and pottery carved out usually on an intimate balance and character.

There is an extensive variation in designing a country home, with a broad variety of features and elements mixed to promote stability, warmth, and fluidity.

Refreshing Nautical Theme

The nautical home decor symbolizes relaxed atmosphere by creating a mood that introduces the sound, smell and sight of the ocean, comes with beach-inspired fabrics, simple organic furniture, and some accessories with seafaring touch.

This design is probably something that will never go out of fashion. Blue stripes with white patterns can bring a sense of a nautical theme. Use striped fabrics for wall covering, a rug and windowpane treatment as a furniture decoration.

You can use starfish and stones as a decorative feature for bathrooms and bedrooms to offer a touch of a seaside environment. Also, consider displaying sailing maps and vintage charts as a traditional artwork in a nautical-themed room.

The Cozy Farmhouse Style

The sense of the farmhouse theme is expressing elegance, class, and comfortability while maintaining things organic and straightforward. Though a farmhouse theme usually focuses on the exterior than its interior design, it is also known for its flexibility, letting you fix up according to your personal preference and collection of classic or vintage furniture.

Regardless of the size of the house, any of it can achieve a farmhouse design through keeping the minimal, smooth and soft flow. Wooden accents are one of the components of a farmhouse-inspired home.

Some features you can use are hardwood floors, wood paneling, and ceilings with exposed beams which creates a feeling of a classic cottage.

Aesthetic Art Deco Design

The Inside Job: Unique Interior Theme Ideas for Your Homes

Art Deco interior design signifies a symbol of the sophistication and glamour and is one of the 20th century’s most recognizable styles. This kind of interior design usually represents bold, simple shapes, colors and patterns and demonstrates a wide variety of inspirations.

The fundamental features of this home decor emphasize monochromatic hues, geometric lines, and the influences of industrial revolution drawing out modern and unique interior look. Art Deco design often displays the cultures of Russia, Egypt, and Africa where woods are polished with rare Macassar and burl walnut.

Also, featuring the prominent marble styles, while chrome and aluminum as being trims and accents. Other styles of Art Deco would include automobile inspirations and other two-dimensional bronze murals.

Classic Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern home decor is a throwback to the style of the 1950s and 60s. Remembrance of retro and some parts of minimalism are present in a mid-century modern home. The main focus of this interior design is to express plain fabrications, organic shapes, and convenient designs.

The designs compliment each other with the use of smooth transition from exterior to interior. Always remember to fill your space with furniture that has multiple uses and clean lines. Feel free to use great colors such as red, blue and dark yellow, however, avoid combining a variety of loud colors.

Instead, pay attention to strengthening one interesting part with more balanced and neutral shades to establish a modern and contemporary twist.


Trying to figure out what interior design to pick might be confusing since there are lots of style inspirations in our generation. When you get bored with your current home design, or you’re getting a new home, consider the items mentioned above such as nautical, mid-century modern or farmhouse style design.  

It is essential to determine what are your likes and preferences first to help you decide. For some furniture that will fit with your chosen theme, you can visit Deal Wiki for a variety of choices.

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