How To Make A Smart Office With The Help Of IoT, AI, and Mobile Apps

How To Make A Smart Office With The Help Of IoT, AI, and Mobile Apps

We are soon to enter an era where things would be more efficient and progressive with help of technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile applications. Most of the things will be intelligent enough to know what step needs to be taken under which situation, or need to be programmed once to follow that steps again at designated time or instance. The current office space will not remain un-impacted by these technological advances. Let’s see what all changes you might experience in upcoming smart offices enabled by these intelligent technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is basically based on building predictive models from already existing data. The system of the device is given an input and based on prorated data it would give a decision or an outcome. This will help reduce many office staff ranging from managers and many other mature processes that have evolved since years. It will be part of many essential tasks of evolved smart offices.

Artificial Intelligence and Accountants

AI will help automate the procedural tasks, that is automating payments and calculating risks while maintaining all the records. It will help the automatic addition of several invoices as one and as per the thresholds set, it will automatically make payments or generate an invoice.


AI will help audit the claims and only will redirect questionable claims to the manager for his approval. The machines being language independent or we can say can be trained to understand any language, hence will ensure all the required steps are passed and matched before any approvals.

AI will help calculate bonus accruals. It shall use the available data and do a predictive analysis to come up with unbiased bonus figures depending on the KPIs set and results recorded.

AI will help to map risk assessments for commercial proposals based on the characteristics of the customer and their maturity with the organization, their size, and complexity of product to be delivered. This was often done by the managers with a high amount of experience.

AI will help with better analytics with all the predictive analytics it is capable of with products like Siri and Alexa, where one could interact with his ERP system and get the various probable scenarios to work on. Check fo best lucky patcher games list 2018 for android, IoS Devices.

Artificial Intelligence and Managers

AI will help track the pattern of employees and help employer manage employee and their expectations better. It can help you select the top candidates suitable for your upcoming job opening from a pile of resumes submitted based on the different criteria that you have set and mapping those characteristics from the data submitted by an employee.

It can tell you whether the candidate is likely to stay, or leave, what were his last promotion details etc. Also, it may help you retain a candidate and tell you when he is about to jump out of the sea. This can be predicted from his performance parameters like the time since his last promotion, what was his/her bonus amount, the time since he got their last raise, performance, and potential, days they have taken off from the job etc.

AI can also map and help managers seek what is an employee doing all day at his desk. It can track how they use their computers all day and can tell you how productive was a candidate all day through and if he was involved in any malicious activities.

It can also help managers track if any employee is entering the sensitive area or how much time he or she is pending in a cafeteria or in a restroom. This will help managers predict their productivity especially in areas like construction site workers are hired on per hour basis and are hired to complete the scheduled work on time.

AI can also help managers work on an emotional aspect of an employee. AI can help track the kind of word an employee use and predict his feelings and warn his manager about his emotional status in the current job which could lead him to quit the job.

However, AI is basically intrusion of machines into the employee’s personal area and manager must understand and help limit this intrusion so as not to harm his employees.

AI and Business

Office Rides – AI helps you now to book your rides in advance with applications like Uber and Lyft and you are assured of that you will reach on time at your office.

Dictations – You would never like to write a full page of a report when you have AI enabled assistants who can create a written copy of your dictations.

IoT and smart Offices

We all have already entered an era of smart offices where we have access to most of our office related applications on our smartphones like emails, meeting room scheduler, project management system, procurement system, navigation to your meeting location.

IoT will help integrate the various aspects of an office and have several views and opinions to a question or proposed idea as we have connected world which is enabling shared intelligence. It will certainly help enhance the organization’s accuracy and efficiency.

IoT will enable to control the office environment with its intelligent system which would ramp up or down the temperature based on intelligent ecosystem reporting the capacity and size of the area and number of people present in the room.

IoT enables intelligent workplace with networked security cameras which can stream live videos on any mobile device to report a consequence in the area. The light of the area is controlled based on the requirement sensed by the intelligent system based on prorated data. Intelligent locks will make it possible for you to never must carry keys, the smart sensors would gauge the water levels and cut off the supply when needed so that you don’t need to experience overflowing tanks ever. and many more possibilities to enhance the facility where you work.

The smart workplace enabled by IoT will help conserve energy, reduce waste and help provide predictive maintenance. There are so many IoT app development companies are in the market who are working on the same so you can contact them and convert your office into a smart office.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.