5 Places To Recruit New Employees

5 Places To Recruit New Employees

Recruitment is a critical part of running a successful business. Your employees are an asset, so it pays to spend time looking for the right people to add value to your team. But where is the best place to find these people? After all, you don’t want to expend too much time and money if your business is relatively new.

Here are some tips for small business owners looking to hire fresh talent in their business.

Recruitment Websites

If you hire a recruitment agency to look for suitable employees, it will cost you a packet. Most agencies charge several thousand dollars per hire, which is a lot of money for a new business. However, there is nothing stopping you posting an ad on the main recruitment websites. Sites like Monster and Indeed have a global audience, so millions of people could see your advert. Sure, most of them won’t be suitable, but it gives you better odds of finding the right person for the role.

In general, applicants prefer browsing sites like Job Application World and downloading an application form because they can do everything online, in their own time. It is especially attractive to younger applicants looking for jobs with companies such as GameStop.

Post an Ad on Social Media

Utilize the power of social media next time you run a recruitment drive. Post an ad on your social media feed and encourage people to share the post. If you make the job sound attractive, it will garner a lot of shares, which improves your odds of finding someone suitable. The only downside is that your job listing won’t gain many views if your social media influence is limited, so you may have to try more than one strategy to achieve optimum results.

Ask Existing Employees for Referrals

Your first port of call should always be to advertise the position internally and ask existing employees if they know anyone who might be suitable for the job. If you hire someone who is a friend or relative of an existing employee, you already have a heads up about their skills, personality, and suitability for the job. Of course, if they subsequently prove to be a train wreck in slow motion, it could be awkward for the person who recommended them.

Advertise Locally

Mom and Pop businesses should always advertise locally, as this is the best place to hire talent. Since your customer base is local, it makes sense to hire someone who is local too. This adds a layer of familiarity to the process and your customers are far more likely to trust someone they already know. It is also easier to check references when the person lives locally, as their previous employers will be in the same geographical area.

Post a Recruitment Banner on Your Company’s Website

Don’t forget to post a recruitment ad on your company’s website. You never know who might see it, and if a candidate is interested in working for you, they will probably have subscribed to your RSS feed to receive notifications of new posts.