Secrets Of B&B Hotel: How To Start and Develop Hotel Business In Spain

Secrets Of B&B Hotel: How To Start and Develop Hotel Business In Spain

Spain is very popular place for tourists. Do you want to start your business here? There are many businessmen who want to start their hotel business in Spain. The investors can buy the old hotel to restore it and make the successful project. Otherwise, you can build up the new hotel in the favorable region like the picturesque Costa Brava and develop it. The most of the potential investors always dream to have the own B&B business. It seems to be so simple and profitable.

The picture is idealistic in something. Nevertheless, starting hotel business in Spain is not as simple as you may think. You may face unexpected difficulties. Get ready! The hotel business in Spain is the competitive environment that needs much efforts, talent and money.

2439 Fairfield: A Bed and Breakfast

Tips to Buy Hotel in Spain:

Try to hire the good lawyer and translator to understand the financial situation of the region that you are interested in.

The government of Spain is cruel to the illegal projects and project owners: you must have the license to build up a new hotel. It is important.

If you bought the historic building you have to ask for special permit from the local culture department.

If you want to start your hotel business in Spain, you must also have the permit from the city government and touristic department.

Make sure that your employees are legal. There are often raids to control the legality of your work. The business owner is responsible for what is going on in the business environment.

The hotels with the restaurants also must have the license to food processing.

Make Your B&B Business Effective

So, you want to build up the comfortable B&B business. This is a sort of realty, where the hotel owner usually lives and gives rooms for rent at the same time. Sometimes, the rooms are equipped with the separate bathroom. The breakfast is served in the morning to be counting in. So, do you like the idea to live and work under one roof? The idea to have B&B hotel is attractive! You just move to Spain, buy a house, rebuild it to have an opportunity to live and work all together. You are lucky man!

It is cheap to live in the hotel of B&B type. As a rule, the guests stay in the hotel for short time, using B&B as the stand point of their long travelling over the country. It must be comfortable and money saving variant to live. It cannot be compared with the classic hotel, it’s something more private. You are a guest in someone’s house. If the hotel is good and hospitable, the guests will always come back. If you know the country well, you may help your guests to make a plan of their travelling and participate in your house life.

2439 Fairfield: A Bed and Breakfast

B&B Casa Rural

The family hotels are usually situated far from the noisy places, in the comfortable and quiet regions. It means that you have a chance to explore the real true Spain that may be quite different from the shiny and slippery touristic resorts. There are many regions where the hotels B&B must be carefully checked and controlled. Of course, there are still many districts when the family hotels are not interesting for government.

The main way to develop your mini-hotel is internet – millions of foreign tourists are in search of the place to stay for night. You can sell the room of your hotel easily to the people from all over the world. The niche of mini-hotels is very attractive and dynamically grown. Sometimes it looks like the relay race. The old owners move to sell their mini-hotels to the new owners. There are many interesting proposals in the internet to buy ready-to-use B&B business somewhere in Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza, Gerona.

What profit do you get? First of all, you can get the good home for your family and good business with the established profit and permanent visitors. The main thing is learn the question of making hotel business to the full. It often looks that everything must be simple. If you invest your money in the serious business, you have to make your money work for your benefit.

Rosentorgets bed and breakfast, juli 2014

Mihlton Barcelona

The mini hotel Mihlton Barcelona is situated 15 minutes far from the Catalonia main square. You may hire a car in Barcelona or get to the nearest metro station – Diagonal. The guests are traditionally welcomed with the comfortable suits, equipped with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, separate bathroom, and bath cosmetics. The breakfast is made of the local fresh products. There is a big terrace and gallery in the hotel. There are also many restaurants and bars not far from the mini-hotel.

Tripledos Bed & Breakfast

This B&B hotel is situated in the center of Barcelona, not far from the University Square. You are offered to use free Wi-Fi and air conditioner. Actually, these services are traditionally typical for all modern hotels. The roomy suits are covered with the tiled floor. They are equipped with the TVs and separate bathroom. Of course, the breakfast is included into the room price. There is also a big terrace to have some rest. It takes you 5 minutes to get to the main trade center of the city. That’s great!

Guest House at Picosa Ranch, Floresville, Texas

BacHome Terrace B&B

The hotels of B&B class are popular in Barcelona. This one is comfortably placed in the center of the city. This modern hotel offers the modern rooms, roomy terrace, cold table breakfast. The rooms are modernly equipped with the air conditioner, free Wi-Fi. There is a desk, separate bathroom and bath cosmetics. The window opens the street view and terrace. The hotel BacHome Terrace provides the cold breakfast at the terrace. The metro station Urquinaona is near here. So, you can easily get where you want. Otherwise, you may always use a car.

These are the examples of the successful B&B projects in Spain. The hotel business has its specific, especially mini-hotels niche. It seems to be easy but still needs much attention and little experience.

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